July 13, 2024


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Wellness Cat Food – Seven Reasons Your Cat Needs it Now

Wellness Cat Food – Seven Reasons Your Cat Needs it Now

Unless you have become increasingly concerned about the health of your cat, in particular the quality of her food, you could be forgiven for wondering what on earth wellness cat food is.

Year by year we see more and more distressing media reports that pets are dying in their droves from one commercial pet food or another. One brand may be using melamine as a filler in their cat food. Another brand may be having trouble keeping their commercial premises free from salmonella.

There are as many problems with all commercial pet food as there are brand names.

Lets have a look at some of them:

  1. a filler is something all brands use to bulk out the meat (by-products) to increase their profit
  2. all brands use cheap meat (by-products), as the expensive cuts go for human consumption
  3. the quality of the meat (by-products) varies with different brands, but many contain hair, hooves, beaks, entrails (and contents), laboratory animals (who may be highly toxic from new drug tests), euthanised pets (including toxic flea collars, tags, etc), zoo animals and horses (still containing the lethal chemical), road kill, dead or diseased farm animals
  4. cheap meat (by-products) have a very high fat content, as there is little human market for fat
  5. the food is cooked for a prolonged time period at high temperatures – cooking kills off enzymes and vitamins and can chemically alter food
  6. to try to address this imbalance of nutrients, synthetic nutrients are added later, which are difficult to digest and have limited use as they are all in isolation
  7. to ensure the cat ‘food’ has a long shelf life (which is in everyone’s interest except your cat’s), preservatives MUST be added (the manufacturer may not have added them, but they will have been added somewhere along the line) and these are typically preservatives that would never be allowed in human food, due to their high toxicity

Horrifying as the above may be, you don’t need to go searching to find a brand of wellness cat food that doesn’t have any of the above. I’m sure some are emerging from the murk, but even these you may find difficult to be 100% sure they are consistent. We all have bad days, when we can’t get the ingredients we want. What happens then? Are their ethics compromised in order not to let their customers down? What happens if the business is sold? Will the new owner or manager have the same high standards?

To have consistently high value wellness cat food, it’s best to start from scratch yourself.

I hear you cry “I don’t know how”, “how do I ensure it’s balanced?”, “it sounds too complicated”, “I don’t have the time”, “it sounds expensive”, my cat won’t eat anything except one brand”.

Wellness cat food means going back to nature. It means working out what wild cats eat (who are naturally healthy and disease free). It means taking a bit of time to work through your perceptions about what you think the best wellness cat food is. Don’t forget you’ve been programmed (another word could be brainwashed) by those who benefit by spreading this mis-information.