July 20, 2024


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True Friends Are Important To Your Health and Wellness

Many times I have been asked by you as to what is my definition of friendship. I have generally responded by saying something like “it is someone you can count on”. Well over the last couple years I have taken my share of hard knocks and some of those friends that I thought I could count on are not around anymore due to my problems. True friends are more important to you than even I had thought.

Ok, so what is a true friend you ask? Well let me begin by stating that a true friendship is not phony or temporary. True friendship recognizes another person’s personality. You often share some likes and dislikes, this bonding is necessary for your well being. I believe genuine friendship involves a shared sense of caring and concern, a real desire to see your friend grow and develop. You should have a true desire for each other to succeed in all aspects of life. This friendship may involve action by you doing something for someone else while expecting nothing in return. Now that is a healthy outlook and will surely make you feel good.

You all need some one to care about and for some one to care about you, and a true friendship that will last over time. Now trust and loyalty are paramount for a friendship, if you are phony it will show, especially in those inevitable hard times.

Guys, you now that a person who is able to keep her word or promise is a reliable friend and can be trusted. This is the kind of person you are confident about as you know when she makes a promise, she fulfills it. Also, it is important to point out to you that you should never make a promise to a friend that you can’t keep. So before making a promise, make sure you can keep it. When you make a promise to your friend or yourself do everything in your power to keep it.

Always remember that in any relationship, keeping your word and being there for your friend in good times and bad will create a bond that you need no matter who you are or what your situation is. A true friend will forgive you for almost anything but you must ask for her forgiveness.

Lastly, should you fail to be trustworthy you can destroy a valued friendship. Faithfulness and loyalty are keys to true friendship. Without them, you often feel betrayed and left out. There is no room for backbiting, negative thoughts or turning away. This is for your own health and wellness; studies have proven that we all need friends. Friends will keep you healthy and focused. And as always you must live well to be well,