May 19, 2024


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The 321 Relaxation Technique

Let’s take a look at a simple relaxation technique. One that is well known, has stood the test of time and these days is used as part of the Photo Reading whole learning technique; so that you can relax the body and mind as a way to prepare the brain for new information and tap into the unlimited resources within it. With practice you will be able to apply the technique quickly in any situation you choose.

So what technique am I referring to, naturally I’m referring to the 321 method.

Before I explain how to develop the technique, stop a moment to recall a time and place where you felt totally well in your body, a time and place where any preoccupying concerns of mind are nothing more than a distant speck of dust or totally non-existent. It might be on a holiday you took on a fabulous beach and or a very special moment with your favourite person. Whatever it may be, be sure to choose the memory well and one that is particularly special for you, because you will start accessing this beautiful memory as a way to relax using the 321 method.

Some people may find this easy to do, for others it may take a little more practice; everyone can do this. It is just a matter for each person to find the best way for them to access that memory. Think about this, a star stuck night, the sea laps gently on the shore. The warm gentle breeze caresses as I gaze admiringly upon her face. It’s like I can taste her smile, I’m charmed as her presence somehow releases me. I’m blessed, the feeling of air on my skin, something thicker than air yet thinner than water, it heats up a little. There is magic in the air time slows down and I tune in.

Well that does for it for me for sure… now this memory represents the number 1.

3. Relaxed body

2. Relaxed mind

1. Your very special memory

Over the next posts we will look at ways of relaxing the body, for now you can…
3. Start with your toes up to the tip of your head. My toes are relaxed I feel them relaxing, the ball of my feet are relaxed I feel them relaxing, my heals are relaxed I feel them relaxing, my ankles are relaxed I feel them relaxing… up to the top of your head and back down again to your toes…
2. Relax the mind mentally… with a relaxed body you will find it easier to bring your mind into the present moment, let go of pre-occupying thoughts preparing yourself to recall your special place number 1