June 24, 2024


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Taj Exotica Mauritius – Making a Perfect Honeymoon

The ultimate destination which is considered to be the final word when it comes to luxury is the Taj Exotica Mauritius. Lush mountains and crystal lagoon encircle the hotel. The Taj Exotica Mauritius offers perfect and calming solitude, and is considered a luxurious heaven. The Taj Exotica is located at Wolmar Beach, Flic en Flac. This beach is considered to be the most beautiful one in Mauritius.

The Taj Exotica has a lot of villas which offer scenery, tranquility, and also privacy, hence, proving to be the most romantic and best destination for spending a perfect honeymoon. Each villa at the Taj Exotica has personalized services, and there is also a swimming pool for each villa.

The whole ambiance with the scenery and the backdrop of mountains and crystal clear waters is great and the surroundings are very comforting. The villas are designed keeping the needs of the guests in view, and are very spacious and tastefully designed as well as decorated. All the villas have all the equipment and other components for convenience of the guests.

The Taj Exotica Mauritius is the perfect destination for a honeymoon because it does not only offer privacy and serenity, but the ambiance has a very romantic touch to it. When you go to the Taj Exotica, you would find that it is not only the surroundings and scenery that is great, but the living experience is also very good and the food and wine offered are also of top quality.

You can make your choice for dining between a casual dining experience and a more intimate one in case you want to do something special. There is not only continental food cooked in the restaurant, but you can also have Creole cuisine or for that matter some Mediterranean specialties. The Lounge Bar of the Taj Exotica in Mauritius is also a perfectly intimate and exotic setting and there is a great, carefully chosen, and wide selection, of different kinds of wines.

There is also a Spa at the Taj Exotica, and you can also have the opportunity of taking a few lessons of Pilates or Yoga from the instructors. You can relax to the optimum level and spend your honeymoon in sheer luxury. There is a butler as well as room service that are available round the clock. Other than that, there are also a few great shops and boutiques in the hotel.

If you want to do something special and extraordinary, there are also Limousines and helicopters that are used for transfers. There are many things that you would never forget about your stay at the Taj Exotica. Some of these things include the picturesque scenery, the amazing dining experience, and the extraordinary wines.

The kind of experience that you would be able to have during your stay at the Taj Exotica is absolutely unmatchable and the best one offered in terms of luxury and personalized service. It is the experience that is incomparable and so promising that you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.