July 20, 2024


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How to Astral Project – The Robert Monroe Method Revealed

If you want to astral project, you must first banish all doubts and fears. If you cannot do this, banish the idea of astral projection for now and just focus on learning more about it. This will help you get rid of fear and prepare you for a real astral projection experience. After that, you can consider what Robert Monroe has to say on how to astral project.

Robert Allan Monroe, well-known for his research on altered consciousness and founder of the Monroe Institute, has taught many students how to astral project. Before getting ready to project, Monroe advises students to remove all jewelry and loosen their clothing. Students must also ensure that they are in a quiet undisturbed place. To banish fear and get into a receptive state of mind, students are advised to affirm that the experience they are about to have is for their good and will do them good.

Monroe teaches aspiring astral projectors how to astral project in 7 simple and safe steps.

First Step

Relax your body and mind completely. Monroe doesn’t specify any relaxation technique; so you can use a technique that best suits you.

Second Step

Enter the hypnagogic state of mind, a state that is close to sleep. Monroe calls this Condition A. Again, he doesn’t specify a method. You can use any method you like to get into Condition A.

Third Step

Get deeper and deeper into Condition A. Begin clearing your mind of all thoughts. Observe the void ahead of you. Soon, you will notice patterns of light. These are just neural discharges; so don’t get alarmed. When these neural discharges cease, you will have entered into Condition B. To astral project successfully, you must enter Condition C, a deeper state of relaxation, and then Condition D, a state of total void.

Fourth Step

Get into a mode of vibration. When you have successfully reached the fourth step, you will feel a tingling sensation all over the body.

Fifth Step

Start controlling those vibrations. Push them into your head, down your toes, or just flood them all over your body. Learn to produce vibration waves all over your body. Soon, you will be able to vibrate at will. Once you have achieved this, you are ready to astral project.

Sixth Step

First, project partially. Focus is of great importance during this step. Simply focus on leaving your body; and push stray thoughts out of your head. Monroe suggests that you release an astral limb (hand or foot) out of your physical body, touch a familiar object with the astral limb, push your astral limb through the object, and then return the astral limb to your physical body. Repeat this often.

Seventh Step

It is now time for complete separation. Monroe suggests 2 methods for this. You can just lift your astral body from the physical body by imagining yourself getting lighter or you can use the roll out technique and just roll out of your body.

Usually, the Monroe method works. If it doesn’t, you need not despair. There are hundreds of books on how to astral project. Find a method that suits you best and stick to it. You will soon be able to teach others how to astral project.