June 19, 2024


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Self-Awareness: Can Someone Be Very Self-Aware And Out Of Touch With Their Emotional Wounds?

When it comes to experiencing change, it is often said that self-awareness is essential. The reason for this is that if one is not aware of what is going on for them, how will they be able to change their life?

Through being aware of what is taking place both internally and externally, they will be able to move forward. Still, this is a process and not something that one develops and that’s the end of it.

For Example

So, let’s assume that someone has the tendency to procrastinate. Through being aware of this, they will be able to take a different approach and then start making progress in one or a number of areas of their life.

Or, they could find that they often feel down and depressed. By having this awareness, they will be able to look into the thoughts that they have and how they perceive reality during this time and then change both of these things.

The Observer

Also, they could take a step back and see that certain ‘negative’ things continually take place. The next step will be for them to see what part they are playing in what is going on.

By looking closer, they may see that they have the inclination to do certain things that are undermining them. For example, they could find that they are often late, don’t put in enough effort, are critical of others and/or are not very present around others.

It’s worth it

Thanks to the work that they put into developing their self-awareness, then, their life will improve. Along with this, they can start to develop a new identity, seeing themselves as a self-aware person.

Nonetheless, if this does take place they might need to be careful as it could go to their head and they could soon end up experiencing something that makes them wonder how they could be so unaware. But, as this is a lifelong process, not a destination, this is not something that can be avoided.

One Outcome

Through developing their self-awareness, they are likely to find that their relationships change. Some of their relationships could change, whilst others could end up falling away and new relationships will form.

One thing that could surprise them, if this was to take place, is that they could end up in intimate relationships with people who are not very self-aware. This could then be seen as a pattern that they have and one that they need to change.

One Level

Now, although they will have developed a certain level of self-awareness, it doesn’t mean that they will have a good connection to themselves and be operating as a whole human being. In other words, they can be self-aware and still be in an emotionally shut down state.

If they are, they can be totally oblivious when it comes to how they feel and what is going place in their body. Yet, they will be very in tune when it comes to what is taking place in their mind, so their thoughts and beliefs, and what is going on externally.

The Forgotten Area

However, if they live in a society that is very mind centred, they can believe that it is all about what is going on up top. So, whenever they do experience ‘negative’ feelings, they can just be seen as a consequence of the thoughts that they are and are not aware of.

As a result of this, changing their life will solely be about changing their thoughts, questioning their beliefs and taking action. Therefore, it won’t even occur to them, let alone be something that they will dismiss, that they are likely to have emotional wounds to deal with.

The Evidence Is There

When it comes to their emotional wounds, they are going to be found at a deeper level, below their conscious awareness. At the same time, what is going on at a deeper level can seep through to them, via ‘negative’ feelings, painful sensations, racing thoughts, ‘irrational’ fears and phobias, for instance.

Ergo, while these feelings might typically be hidden, the signs will be there to show them that they have emotional wounds to resolve. But, of course, unless one recognises the signs, this is not going to stand out.

A Lot of Effort

What this illustrates is that their conscious mind is a very small part of who they are, with there being so much more to them. The part of them that can’t be seen carries a lot of inner material that is having a massive impact on every area of their life.

This also shows that while their thoughts can define how they feel, repressed feelings and feelings that are not repressed also affect them. And, if one was to purely rely on changing what is taking place in their mind and changing their behaviour, without dealing with their emotional wounds, their life is likely to be far harder than it needs to be.

Endlessly Putting Out Fires

Whereas if they were to start dealing with their emotional wounds, what is taking place up top is likely to change and the people they are drawn to and attract is likely to change. What this comes down to is that they are, at the root, vibrating energy and they can only have experiences that are in alignment with what they are vibrating.

What they are vibrating is not purely the result of the thoughts that they have, it is also the result of how they feel both consciously and unconsciously. If they have a mind full of positivity but a body full of negativity, they are not going to be as effective as they would be otherwise.


If one can relate to this and they are ready to work through what is taking at a deeper level and to become a whole human being, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided with the assistance of a therapist or healer.