May 19, 2024


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5 Best One Day Team Outing Places in Bangalore: Elevate the Energy Level of Your Teams

“Hey man… Thank you so much for planning the fun time on Saturday. We can’t stop talking about it. Everyone I pass in the office today has something to talk about our team outing… “

Prakash overheard the conversation while waiting at the reception of his friend Pathak’s office. Prakash came to meet Pathak to seek advice on team management. The hard-working and experienced team of Prakash, of late, the performance became a hit and miss. He started feeling that the zeal is missing, and, decided to get his team back on track.

It is time to let your team get the fresh air. Here’s the first 5 best places in Bangalore for corporate team outing, the beautiful suggestion from our treasure box.

Guhantara Resort, Kanakapura Road: The resort provides a unique experience catering to diversified needs of business groups. The resort has conference rooms and auditorium with wifi connectivity for business needs. It hosts parties with rain dance, large swimming pool, full fledged restaurant and bar and a spa. Cave exploration is the best place for planning a treasure hunt. The activity helps in building skills like risk taking, collaboration and better communication.

Mango Mist, Bannerghatta Road: When you want to get out of hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy the tranquil nature, you should head to Mango Mist. Offering perfect relaxation amidst lush green mango trees, the resort features a pool and playground, a restaurant, barbeque and mocktails. The resort has ample space to conduct indoor or outdoor games. For example, you can conduct a key punch activity to enhance the strategic planning and time management skills. It also helps for continuous improvement.

Shilaandra Resort, Ramanagara: A natural rocky resort at the foothills of Ramanagara rocks, the resort is the perfect place for team outing. Amenities here include a vast swimming pool, various games, restaurant and lounge bar. Indulge with rustic surroundings and unwind with nature. The resort has vast landscapes where team activities like Tetris can be planned. It sure helps all team members to engage together, have fun and build strong processes. The perfect place that can work wonders for team synchronization!

Signature Club Resort, Devanahalli: A relaxed winery tour or an adventurous trip to Nandi Hills or Skandagiri Betta, nothing is far from Signature Club. A multi cuisine restaurant, café and bar, heated pools or playgrounds, the place has everything. How about planning a fun team activity of Pyramid Building here and cultivate time and resource management skills?

Golden Amoon, Hoskote: An Egyptian themed resort takes you through the historic times while providing world class modern amenities. A spa to relax, a restaurant offering farm fresh foods, a stadium and a disco. This place has got everything covered for your team. Playing the Interlocker in these serene surroundings seems like a good idea. The activity helps to cultivate leadership skills while being creative and all inclusive.

It is time to have fun and exciting activities in a beautiful and serene environment. Give your team the perfect experience of “I Can’t, but We Can!”