June 24, 2024


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Wetsuits For Women – Solving The Riddle Of Varying Body Shape

Wetsuit Selections And Fit For Different Female Body Types

If you are a female swimmer, scuba diver or surfer, you are familiar with the difficulty in finding wetsuits for women that provide the key features that are desirable; but also consider the many different torso shapes in their design.

Fit and warmth almost always rank high on that list of key features. Warmth will depend on materials used, its ply and certain design features, such as a design that doesn’t allow for easy water intrusion.

Fit, on the other hand, is more elusive for most women looking to purchase a wetsuit. Seasoned surfers, divers and swimmers have learned, through trial and error, as well as word of mouth, what type of wetsuit is best suited to their particular body type. Newcomers to these sports may encounter as many questions as they’ve found answers when making a wetsuit selection.

For easy identification, we’ll concentrate on three basic body shapes.

What’s the Best Wetsuit for You?


Women with an hourglass shape are fortunate in that they’ll find good fit in almost every wetsuit designed for women. An added bonus is that they won’t have to suffer good style in finding a wetsuit to fit their needs.


Pear shaped women have more difficulty in finding a good fitting wetsuit as their bodies aren’t as proportionate. The wetsuit will fit the lower torso well, but start to sag above the midriff area. Fortunately, there are manufacturers who design and make wetsuits for women with a pear-shaped torso.

One of the best makers of wetsuits for women is O’Neill Wetsuits. These suits are stretchable and will conform to most body shapes. O’Neill wetsuits have over 50 years in the wetsuit business, and their suits are also designed to fit apple, triangular or tube-shaped torsos. You can’t go wrong when purchasing an O’Neill wetsuit for women

Tall Women

If you’re tall, you probably already know how difficult it is in finding certain clothing designed for the taller woman. Arm and pant lengths are almost always too short. The situation is even worse for tall women looking a wetsuit with a good fit. Fortunately, tall women and those with an hourglass torso aren’t too far apart in finding a good fit.

Most wetsuits that work for the hourglass torso should also work for the tall woman. A highly respected manufacturer, O’Neill wetsuits makes the D Lux wetsuit for women, as well as other styles and models. Fortunately height will not prevent the tall woman from finding a well-fitting wet suit that also offers great design and style.

O’Neill wetsuits are offered by the company bearing his name….Jack O’Neill started with a small surf and board shop near the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco. In the early 1950’s Jack surfed, sold some boards and started dabbling with a vest for surfers to wear in the icy ocean waters.

He tried various materials but most proved ineffective for his needs, But, when he finally discovered neoprene, he started making vests. With an eye to the future, he started making wetsuits when the vests proved so popular.

He overwhelmed the skeptics and today, O’Neill is a respected and leading maker of wetsuits and other surfing accessories. An added bonus is that O’Neill carries a line of custom-made wetsuits, so if you’re having trouble finding that perfect fit, O’Neill wetsuits should be at the top of your list when searching for a wetsuit.