June 24, 2024


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The Pushup and the Jump Rope A Brutal Bodyweight Training Combo

In today’s society most people use a couple of different ways to get themselves into what they call shape. In reality most people have no idea what getting fit really means. Getting fit is not driving to the gym to walk on a treadmill than doing some curls in hopes of getting bigger arms to impress the ladies.

Being fit means to be able to answer when your body is called upon. If you look around you will find person after person jogging up and down the streets in the name of fitness. Jogging takes a lot of time up and in my opinion does little other than make you a jogger.

I can give you just two exercises that if done would bring massive benefits in total body development as well as build a lean attacking type body and lower body fat.

Problem is people jog because it’s the easy way out. The easy way out never works. The two exercises’ I want to tell you about will amaze you and results will come extremely fast but at a price. The price is sweat.

Each exercise is a king of exercises in their own right, but together they make up a killer combination.

Jumping rope and pushups are a combination that will have the fittest man or woman in a pool of sweat in just a few short minutes. Both these exercises combined or alone are enough to get you into great shape without ever leaving your home.

Both the pushup and jumping rope have been used by great athletes for decades. But with the media the basics have been thrown aside for more complicated glamor type pretty boy workouts that focus on the six pack of abs.

A quick short workout using a jump rope and pushups will put you back to simpler times, times when people worked out to get into shape not to just look good.

Both exercises will work almost the entire body and with only two exercises and the speed of the results, you will become more athletic, leaner and more explosive than using the standard health club training routine put together for you by some trainer who hasn’t earned the sweat yet. Remember it’s the simple and hard work that get the results.

The workout: Jump rope as fast as possible 100 times then drop down for 25 pushups doing them as fast as possible. You will repeat this back and fourth with no rest for 10 rounds meaning you will finish off with having jumped rope 1,000 times and doing 250 pushups. See how many rounds or how many times you can do this circuit.