May 19, 2024


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The Power of Herbal Skin Care For Natural Skin Treatment & Healing

The world is full of fascinating remedies and cures, many of which we still know nothing about. It is amazing when you consider how much our world provides for us, naturally and efficiently. In the realm of herbal skin care, we are continuing to discover new solutions to the age-old skin problems that we have suffered for so many years.

Where once skin care companies would prescribe skin care products containing a lot of unnatural chemicals that could do more harm than good, today’s skin care can be a natural process that provides herbal treatment for the skin while addressing your skin needs. How can these herbal remedies do everything they claim? The answer lies in the discovery of a number of exciting new natural compounds.   One major breakthrough has been in discovering the properties of wakame, a Japanese sea algae cultivated to be eaten fresh, or dried. Wakame had been known for its health-giving properties, but not until recently did we understand how it worked, or its value to the herbal skin care community. First is its vitamin and mineral content. Containing high amounts of forms of vitamin B, as well as sodium and calcium, it contains a number of things your body needs to be healthy and functional. This algae actually contains 15 times more calcium than milk does!   As a herbal treatment for the skin, wakame provides the moisture balance needed to maintain firm, healthy skin, while providing nutrients that the body needs to function. The vitamins it contains also help to soothe injured or aggravated areas of the skin, acting as both a helpful balm and a powerful topical remedy. Wakame truly does show us the miracles of nature…everything that the body needs to provide excellent herbal skin care is contained within.      

But treatments such as these do more than just provide a nutrient-rich solution to help calm injured or worn skin…it actively works to address the physical problems that produce these skin issues in the first place. There are now antioxidants derived from wakame that work to inhibit the activity of hyaluronidase. This is an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid in the skin, which is an essential part of softer, healthier skin with greater elasticity and skin tone.   Without hyaluronic acid, even if your collagen and elastin levels are normal, you will suffer the effects of poor skin health, such as dark circles under your eyes or appearing older and more worn. So an extract from a plant such as wakame does way more than just treat the visible symptoms of skin problems, it actually engages in deep-body treatment. Who knew that something from nature could provide skin care so completely?  

The next time you are looking into skin care products, ask yourself which you would prefer: herbal skin care, or a chemical treatment that uses science to shabbily address the issues that nature itself can address? For years we have contented ourselves with creams and lotions that were synthesized in a lab, that contained no natural remedies, and that weren’t clinically proven to have safe and healthy effects. It is crazy to think that we have been putting toxic sludge on our skin and faces, when the solutions have existed within nature for centuries! Using chemically unnatural skin care may produce positive effects in your skin, but by applying chemical solutions to a porous and absorptive part of your body, what you are doing is drawing these compounds deep into your body, where they may build up over time.  

Don’t risk it! Look for wakame-based herbal products today, that provide you a healthier, more natural herbal treatment for the skin problems. Trust Mother Nature on this one…if it works for her, it’ll work for you!