May 19, 2024


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The Long Swing Exercise For Eyestrain Relief

It is helpful for ordinary folks to practice the Long Swing in order to relieve eye strain and relax the eyes. Like other forms of eye exercises, the Long Swing should be changed after a long period. Sticking to any particular eye exercise for a long time can make the exercise to be automatic and routine. In general, the Long Swing should be practiced for five minutes both before going to bed and getting up in the morning.

The Long Swing exercise needs a deeper perspective than the one within the four walls of a room so that it should be done outdoors. Standing in front of a window can be an alternative. Preparation is needed before doing the Long Swing. A participant should stand erect in an easy posture and sway his or her body slowly and easily from side to side. The two feet should be 12 itches apart. And do not square the shoulders. It is important to keep the body ease, head up and arms hanging loosely at the sides.

During the exercise, the body will relax through mental control and the eyes will move with the body dependently. In detail, the participant should stand in the middle of the room and swing the body to the right, shifting the weight to the right foot and letting the left heel come off the floor. At the same time, he should face the right wall with shoulders parallel to the right wall. And then change to the left side.

Swing the body to the right and left sides repeatedly at the rate of approximately 30 times a minute. Keep in mind that it is not jerking the body. The arms should hang easily at the sides and sway a little with the body. It is needless to endeavor to relieve eye strain. Just keep the eyes open rather than staring. Let the eyes follow the line of the picture molding around the room.

The shoulders should hang freely without tension during the Long Swing exercise. And the head should be kept up in order to avoid any pulling on the back of the neck. The eyes may switch focus between near and far objects. Never try to see something clearly. Just keep the eyes shifting focus rapidly.