July 13, 2024


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Simple Technique For Astral Projection – A 5 Step Method That Has Never Failed

Simple Technique For Astral Projection – A 5 Step Method That Has Never Failed

If you want to astral project so badly, you will be glad to know that you already do it. In fact, we all do it, but we are just unaware of it. To experience the fun and joy of astral projection, you must be completely aware or completely awake when you do it. In other words, you must learn to leave your body with awareness. For this, you need to relax completely. If you cannot relax, you just cannot astral project. This simple technique for astral projection will teach you complete relaxation.

So, here is how you can leave your body in 5 simple steps-the simplest technique for astral projection you will ever find.

1. Relax Deeply

Go to bed, but don’t drift off to sleep as usual. Instead, tense and relax your muscles in turns to get into a deep state of relaxation. If you do this successfully, your body will soon fall asleep, but your mind will remain active and alert.

2. Breath Deeply

Now, you have to breathe deeply and fully, getting into a deeper state of relaxation. You might easily fall asleep at this stage, but you must avoid this any cost. If you catch yourself falling asleep, focus gently on your third eye. This will help you stay awake.

3. Compare Your 2 Bodies

Now make a comparative study of your astral body and your physical body. You physical body as heavy as lead, but your astral body is as light as the petals of a flower. Realize that you astral body can easily drift away from your physical body. Just concentrate on the grace and lightness of your astral body in comparison to the heaviness of your physical body.

4. Purple Glow

By this time, you should be able to “see” a purple glow suffusing the room with your eye shut. This is a positive sign. It means that you are soon about to leave your body.

5. Take Off

Focus on the ceiling light and mentally try to pull it toward you. Pull it hard. Since it is firm, your astral self will be pulled toward it. Avoid falling asleep or you will miss the fun. You will feel yourself floating and you will even be able to watch your physical body as it sleeps.

If you fall asleep in the process or are not successful for any other reason, just try again and again and again till you succeed. This is the simplest and safest technique for astral projection. It has worked in case of many people; and it is sure to work for you too. Persevere and soon you will be out of your body with the ability to travel the astral realms at will.