June 24, 2024


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Sex Coach Confession – The Simple Formula for Male All-Body Orgasms!

Human beings learn through repetition and learning to all-body orgasm is just another skill the human body can learn to experience regularly with practice. For instance, with practice and repetition the human body can learn to drive a car without any thought about changing gears, using the indicators to show which direction the car will be turning etc., and often we can end our journey with no thought about how we operated our car to get to our destination. Under the correct conditions, males can easily learn to all-body orgasm, with delayed ejaculation, and if your man follows my formula, it is inevitable that his body will learn good habits to achieve all-body orgasm.


Learning to all-body orgasm is very easy for a man when the male body is extremely relaxed. In shamanic societies, I am sure men stumbled upon all-body orgasm because many tribal cultures enjoyed drumming around the camp fire as entertainment in the evening.

Drumming music is the answer to achieve deep relaxation. The sound of drums aligns the human body’s brain waves with the vibrations of the earth and the percussion sound of drumming will help relax your man so he can enjoy all-body orgasm. At bed-time shamanic cultures went to their tent, their cave, or their hut and because there was no external stimulation; i.e. TV, Computers, and PlayStation etc the only other way to pass the time, instead of sleep, was to make love.

It is my belief that people of shamanic tribes retired to bed very relaxed, after listening to the percussion sound of drums, and when they had sex, their body already aligned with the earth’s vibrations, easily drifted into the experience of all-body orgasm.

Drumming and Relaxation

I am currently using two outstanding drumming CD’s to coach my clients to all-body orgasm. The drumming CD’s, I play, during my Ra’Anui Erotic Tantra Massage, subconsciously relax every male I coach. Drumming will relax and lull the male body into deep relaxation and accompanied with slow arousal, slow breathing and stimulation it is so much easier to coach all-body orgasm to a man one on one.


The next piece of the formula, for a male to learn all-body orgasm, with delayed ejaculation, is to coach his body to breathe slowly.

Men tend to breathe too fast during intercourse. When boys learn about their body at puberty, they are not advised to breathe slowly when they masturbate. My twelve-year-old son is taking sex education classes at school this week and I know he is not being taught to breathe slowly and relax when he enjoys exploring his body.

Breathe Slowly

Breathing slowly helps the male body to stay relaxed and also breathing slowly gives the male body ample opportunity, to capture enough oxygen, to achieve heightened states of orgasmic bliss.

You see, if your man wants to have a world-class orgasm, his body requires a slow steady supply of oxygen. Oxygenate every cell and the male body finds it very easy to have heightened experiences of ecstasy. Basically, if a man wants to have an all-body orgasm his brain, nerves, muscles and every cell of his body requires oxygen.

Breathe Correctly

The correct breathing technique will help your man to achieve all-body orgasm and heightened ecstatic states. Do coach your man to breathe in his nose and imagine he is breathing to his belly button. When your man breathes in slowly and deeply his lower abdominals will raise upwards.

When your man breathes out, coach him to breathe slowly out of his mouth. Do note, all the energy should be on the in-breathe; if it takes 2-3 seconds to breathe in, do coach your man to breathe out very slowly, around 4-5 seconds. When your man breathes slowly out his mouth ask him to visualize his breathe going up his spinal column and neck into his skull (crown chakra).


Sound amplifies a male’s orgasm and builds intensity. That means, if your man is making no sound in the bedroom, he is not truly surrendering to pleasure. Do take notice next time you are making love, and if your man does not make any sounds of pleasure, do coach him to relax and do his best to verbalize his feelings.

A simple sound to make, during foreplay and intercourse, is the sound “aarrrgh” when your man breathes slowly out of his mouth while aroused. If your man is very self-conscious about noise, a whispering “aarrrgh” will also do the trick!

SLOW Arousal

The male body loves the experience of orgasm and every man’s body is wired from birth with an A1 top-notch orgasmic wiring system capable of experiencing out-of-this-world altered states of bliss and ecstasy.

However, even though a male’s multi-orgasmic capabilities are fully functional at puberty, they don’t come with an operational manual and the average man doesn’t know how to kick-start his body into all-body-bliss because he hasn’t figured out how to switch on his orgasmic turbo booster button!

Slow arousal, accompanied with deep relaxation and slow breathing will assist your man to turbo boost his orgasm into altered states of consciousness. So, if the average man hasn’t figured out how to propel his body into all-body orgasm, with delayed ejaculation, he would most probably know the formula on how to turn a woman on!

Most men know that they have a greater chance of assisting their lady to orgasm, if they take it slow. Males know that oral sex will almost guarantee that their woman will have an orgasm.

Ladies, if your man had a chance for the tables to be turned, relaxation, slow deep breathing and a long stimulating foreplay will guarantee him all-body ecstasy for 15, 30 minutes and with practice for hours!

Longer, Stronger Intense Orgasms

Ladies if you want to have hours of intense multiple orgasms, do coach your man to achieve all-body orgasms, with delayed ejaculation. You will be teaching and coaching your man to match your orgasmic energy, stroke for stroke in the bedroom. What I am saying here, is that when your man can last for hours, then your orgasms and satisfaction are guaranteed every time you make love to each other

The Male Brain

It is very gentlemanly, these days, for a man to bring his lady to orgasm before he can orgasm himself. Men know that once their lady orgasms, they can then cut loose and allow themselves to climax whenever they want.

As I discussed earlier in this article, relaxation is the key for all men to learn to experience all-body orgasm. Ladies, if your man is thinking about how he is going to stimulate you to orgasm, or perhaps he is using head control tactics to delay his ejaculation, he is never truly relaxed enough for his body to learn to all-body orgasm.

More information to Ignite Earth Shattering Orgasms

The information I have written in this article, works extremely well when taught to the average male. There are many reasons why a couple’s orgasmic appetite and sex drive is out of alignment. As a sexuality coach it is important to address every couple as an individual. For more information about Sex Coaching one on one or via Skype or to find the correct drumming CD to play in your bedroom, then do contact me at www.sexualSecretsOfGreatLovers.info