July 20, 2024


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Product Review of the Omega M-5000 DLX Massage Chair

The M-5000DLX massage chair is a high end massage chair from Omega Massage. We will present an evaluation of the M5000 DLX recliner in this review. We will review the major features and the warranty coverage provided with this chair. The DLX is in the $3,000 to $4,000 price range.

The warranty protection provided by the manufacturer is a method to reduce the risk for the consumer in the purchase of a product. We feel this is very important for major purchases like a massage chair. The warranty coverage is also a good indication of the confidence that manufacturer has in the product as well.

Let us take a look at the warranty coverage provide by Omega Massage. The DLX comes with 5 year warranty coverage on the frame of the chair. You also get 3 years coverage on parts and also on labor. Omega also gives you 90 days of in home technician service. They also cover 1 year of shipping for parts. This is the most comprehensive warranty coverage of the major massage chair manufacturers.

Let’s go through some of the important features of the M-5000. This massage chair comes with 5 automatic programs, 4 manual massages, and 4 manual massage back courses. The automatic massage functions include full back, neck and shoulders and lower back. The manual massage functions include finger press, kneading, tapping and combination kneading/tapping. The manual massages can also be adjusted to three levels of intensity to find the rate level of penetration to suit your needs.

The automatic massage functions are very effective in the DLX. This is perhaps one of the strongest massage chairs on the market. In fact, Omega includes an extra removable back pad (and more if needed) to soften the massage for those more sensitive. The neck and shoulders massage is very effective. The programming of the sequences of the massage techniques and variations is soothing, penetrating and relieving. We have not found a better upper back massage and we have tried many, many chairs.

The M5000 comes with an air massage system for the lower body. The lower body air massage covers the buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. The air compression is soothing and relieving with the gentle or firm setting. The foot massage comes with reflexology nodes. The airbags activate around the tops of the feet with a firm hold and then the reflexology nodes gently push up into the trigger points of the feet. The reflexology massage helps to relax the major organs of the body and induces full body relaxation.

This is a contemporary in design and boasts highly varnished wood armrests and wood grain side panels. The upholstery is top grain ox hide leather. This finely crafted massage chair also comes with a backlit LCD controller. It is a slimly designed remote control with manual controls tucked away beneath a cover in the middle of the controller. The remote comes with a remote control holder that mounts to the side of the chair.

One very relaxing feature of the M-5000 is it has a built in MP3 player. A USB stick is included with the chair where you can download MP3 files and then plug it into the back of the chair. The DLX comes with headphones as well. The music controls are located on the main controller. Slip the headphones on and let the music take your mind off your troubles as the massage therapy relieves tension throughout your body.

The M5000 DLX delivers very effective and therapeutic massage therapies. It can provide excellent deep penetration of the back and soothing lower body massages. The addition of music helps to relax the mind and provides for a much fuller experience. This massage recliner comes with great warranty protection. This is an attractive massage chair with ox hide leather and highly varnished wood armrests. This is definitely a solid massage chair in the higher end range of the massage chair market.