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Plasma-Carbon Symbiosis and Bioplasma Body Fusion

Biologists are beginning to realize that co-operation was just as important as competition in the evolution of life’s diversity and resilience. Every cell in the human body contains a mitochondrion which is thought to be a bacterial cell which invaded an early eukaryote. Instead of being digested, both cells tolerated each other and began to live with each other – a merger which provided synergies to both. This is a startling example of symbio-genesis. But then every multi-cellular animal or plant is also an obvious example of co-operation rather than competition. More than a 1,000 trillion cells are living peacefully and co-operating in your body; together with 500 to 100,000 species of bacteria. In fact, there are about ten times as many bacteria as human cells in the human body.

Lynn Margulis, member of the National Academy of Sciences and Distinguished Professor at the University of Massachusetts, has argued that random mutation, claimed to be the main source of genetic variation is of only limited importance. Much more significant is the acquisition and integration of new genomes by symbiotic merger. But of course, she was confining herself to only carbon-based life forms.

The “Parallel Earth” hypothesis proposes that a counterpart dark matter Earth co-accreted with the visible Earth in the embryonic Solar System. According to dark plasma theory, dark matter consists largely of a plasma of very high energy non-standard particles (sometimes of a different parity) – or “dark plasma”. On this counterpart Earth, life flourished, just like it did on our visible Earth. The difference was that the life forms were plasma-based. Two different substrates, plasma and carbon, gave rise to life-forms in two different habitats.

According to the “Dark Panspermia” hypothesis proposes that meteorites, asteroids and comets, containing both the dark and visible building blocks of life fell into habitable zones and generated the first single-celled and later multi-cellular life-forms which developed both ordinary and dark bioplasma bodies that were coupled to each other. Hence, even when life began on the visible Earth, plasma life forms were already forming symbiotic relationships with the abundant carbon-based life forms on our counterpart Earth.

Inter-Substrate Plasma-Carbon Symbio-genesis

“Symbiosis” is a term used to describe a close ecological relationship between the individuals of two (or more) different species. Sometimes a symbiotic relationship benefits both species, sometimes one species benefits at the other’s expense, and in other cases neither species benefits. It has been observed by metaphysicists that the symbiotic relationship between the bioplasma and carbon-based bodies is one of “mutualism” where both species benefit. (At least one leading metaphysicist, however, describes the relationship as “parasitic”.)

Practically all carbon-based life forms today, including homo sapiens, had symbiotic relationships with plasma-based life forms. Hominids are the products of a symbio-genesis between a carbon-based and plasma-based life form. Unlike other animals, however, carbon-based hominids were able to utilize the alternative cognitive-sensory systems of their plasma-based symbiotic partners. Their unique brains allowed them to activate the higher energy bioplasma bodies that co-evolved with the carbon-based body without necessarily having any conscious awareness that they were accessing a different cognitive system. Relationships developed between the lower energy carbon-based bodies of hominids and the higher energy bioplasma bodies and were sustained for several millions of years up to the present.

When certain brain circuits in the biochemical brain (particularly in the parietal and temporal lobes) were disabled, the locus of consciousness from the carbon-based body of a human was transferred to the plasma-based body. During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep the carbon-based body processes information from the bioplasma body.

According to dark plasma theory, there is a higher energy correlate of the (carbon-based) physical-biochemical fertilized egg. This correlate, usually in its adult form, is often called the “(etheric) double” in the general metaphysical literature. It is often observed as a replica of the carbon-based body but operates on an electromagnetic platform, being a bioplasma body. It is classified here as a “Level 3 bioplasma body”. (“Level 3” signifies that the body inhabits a universe which has 3 spatial dimensions and 1 time dimension, just like the carbon-based body.)

Type 1 Bioplasma Body Fusion

“…all visible organisms, plants, animals and fungi evolved by “body fusion.” Fusion at the microscopic level led to genetic integration and formation of ever-more complex individuals.” – Lynn Margulis, Acquiring Genomes, 2002

According to the metaphysical literature, the Level 3 bioplasma body originates and usually dies together with physical-biochemical body (which is also a “Level 3” body) or a short time thereafter. This is not surprising as the age of this bioplasma body approximates the carbon-based body since both bodies originates at about the same time in a particular lifetime. However, in certain cases, for example accidental death, the still healthy and undamaged bioplasma body (the “donor”) decouples from the carbon-based body. Subsequently it may absorb (or fuse) with an embryonic Level 3 bioplasma body which is coupled to an embryonic carbon-based body (the “recipient”). This “body fusion” gives rise to a new Level 3 bioplasma life-form and is quite rare. It does not amount to a symbio-genesis as both bioplasma bodies are of the same species.

It was reported by Paul Pearsall (in his book the The Heart’s Code) that recipients receiving a donor’s heart during heart transplants may experience certain emotions and even “cellular memories” of the donor. Recipients have reported inheriting everything from the donor’s food cravings to knowledge about his murderer – information that in one case led to the killer’s arrest. Similarly, in Type 1 Bioplasma Body Fusion (where the bioplasma bodies being fused are relatively close in frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum to the physical-biochemical body) the carbon-based body of the recipient may be impacted by certain events or even the appearance or phenotype of the donor.

In certain cases, features that were associated with the carbon-based body of the donor which impacted the donor’s Level 3 bioplasma body was transferred to the carbon-based body of the recipient through the fusion of the donor’s bioplasma body with the recipient’s bioplasma body. In this type of symbio-genesis, typical of most reported reincarnation cases, memories relating to the donor may be accessed by the recipient. This usually most easily occurs when the recipient is young and has not completed the full development of the brain. Access to the memories of the donor will be increasingly lost as the brain prunes its neural networks.

Ian Stevenson, a scientific researcher in reincarnation-type cases, has discovered that certain Burmese children who remembered their “previous lives” as British or American Air Force pilots shot down over Myanmar during World War II have fairer hair and complexions than their siblings. Distinctive facial features, foot deformities and other characteristics were carried over from one life to another. Most often birthmarks resembling scars from physical injuries have been carried over. In one case, a boy who remembered being murdered in “his former life” by having his throat slit had a long reddish mark resembling a scar around his neck. A boy who remembered committing suicide by shooting himself in the head in his previous incarnation had two scar-like birthmarks that lined up perfectly with the bullet’s trajectory, one where the bullet entered and another where the bullet exited. Stevenson has gathered hundreds of these cases and has published articles in authoritative journals, including the Journal of of the American Medical Association .

These cases suggest that a transfer of characteristics and memories took place a short time after the death of the carbon-based body and that the Level 3 bioplasma double had not disintegrated completely. In these rare cases, even certain physical features and attributes, which were developed during the previous carbon-based lifetime, may appear again in the new carbon-based body.

In these cases, the Level 3 bioplasma body had been impacted by the physical deformation to the previous carbon-based body and transmitted it as a feature in another carbon-based body which is not genetically linked with the first body. In other words it is a Carbon-Plasma-Carbon transfer of characteristics which suggests some form of cross-substrate imprinting.

Type 2 Bioplasma Body Fusion

In the majority of cases, however, Type 2 Bioplasma Body Fusion occurs. In this case, the bioplasma body at the next higher energy level (commonly referred to as an “astral body” in the metaphysical literature but classified here as a “Level 4 bioplasma body”) fuses with an embryonic bioplasma body at the same energy level which is linked to a Level 3 bioplasma body. (“Level 4” signifies that the body inhabits a universe which has 4 spatial dimensions and 1 time dimension.)

In this case, memories of the fusing Level 4 bioplasma body may be difficult to access unless certain brain circuits within the carbon-based physical-biochemical body are switched-off either chemically (through psychoactive drugs), physically (through surgery, transcranial magnetic stimulation which simulate brain lesions or accidents) or psychologically (through deep meditation or hypnosis). During a near-death experience (“NDE”) the “light” which accompanies and reveals itself to the NDEer (in his or her Level 3 bioplasma body) is usually the Level 4 bioplasma body.


The symbiotic relationships between carbon based bodies and bioplasma bodies show that the principles and study of ecology should be extended to parallel environments – beyond the visible environment. Life on the visible Earth is intricately linked to invisible life in the parallel higher energy Earth. Human beings are chimeras. Chimeras are life forms which are composites of body parts (in this case bodies) which have different origins.

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