April 12, 2024


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Natural Weight Loss Tips For Dining Away From Home

Last week, one of my friends who is always traveling for the sake of her work asked me out for a simple chatter to recapture our memorable high school moments. During our conversation, she revealed her secrets to me on how she managed to lose weight and eventually maintained a fit figure even though she is not preparing her own food most of the time.

Here, I share with you 10 natural weight loss tips which she had shared with me.

  • Avoid oily food as much as possible
  • Say to no to cheese, especially you are in a country which is famous for it, such as Italy
  • Avoid buffet meals even though it might seem worthwhile
  • Drink a lot of water instead of soft drinks and soda
  • Prefer steamed food rather than fried ones
  • Strictly no fast food whenever you are
  • Always on the lookout for green menus (lots of veggies)
  • Wheat bread must be your choice when you are offered both wheat and white bread
  • Don’t force yourself to finish the food in your plate
  • Find the time for some simple exercise such as a stroll around the city or back to your hotel

The above 10 tips is what she practices when she is away from home to keep her body fit. This is not my tips, this is a tips from a stewardess on a plane which she had to have a fit body for the profession.

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