May 19, 2024


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Lady Niguma Yoga in Singapore

Lady Niguma Yoga in Singapore is gaining ground. It was first introduced here at the end of 2009 and now more and more people are enjoying the benefits of this unique yoga series.

Lady Niguma was a female yogi (‘yogini’) from India who lived a thousand years ago. She was the partner of renowned Indian master and yogi Naropa, and the yoga she created is the first known series specifically designed by a female yoga master.

Lady Niguma taught the practice to her student Kyungpo Neljor, who in turn passed it on through a long lineage to the second Dalai Lama, Gendum Gyatso. While researching rare texts slated for preservation, Geshe Michael Roach found a Tibetan version of Lady Niguma’s yoga, translated it into English and has been teaching Lady Niguma Yoga in Singapore and around the world, in conjunction with his retreats and business seminars on life and business success.

The series is special because it is designed to work inside and out – both making the body fit and strong, but also systematically targeting the energies inside the body to help us reduce our anger and confusion, so that we can be happier and more productive in our lives both at home and at work.

Lady Niguma created this series as a method of releasing blocked ‘qi’ at energy centres also known as chakras.

Qi’ travels through channels in the body (similar to meridians in Chinese medicine) and in doing this yoga series, the ‘qi’ is moved from two of the main channels -which run along the left and right sides of the spine and into the central channel, which runs along the spine.

This is important because when ‘qi’ runs in the left channel it is associated with greed and grasping, and when it runs in the right channel it is associated with anger. However, drawing the ‘qi’ into the central channel transforms it into the energy of harmony, kindness and wisdom.

We focus on the various chakras or energy centres, because these are places in the body where the ‘qi’ can more easily enter the central channel.

The yoga poses has a powerful effect on the body and mind, yet is gentle and accessible for students of all levels, even if you the most stretching you’ve done recently is bending down to reach the TV remote.

There are a total of 35 yoga poses in the series. All are simple and easy to remember, and are especially designed for busy working people. Once learnt, the series can be done in under 40 minutes.

Done regularly, the practice will help keep your heart open in even the most challenging circumstances. You will feel alert, calm, and vibrant, with lots of energy to bring to each day.

Lastly, the Lady Niguma yoga poses helps you face the stress of modern working life calmly and clearly, with a body and mind that are fit and supple.