July 20, 2024


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How to Use Astonishing Body Language Tricks to Seduce Women – You Must Know This Or You’ll Fail!

Seduction, like communication, is made up of 90% BODY LANGUAGE. Get this part of the seduction process right and you have a better chance of getting the number of any woman, at any time. If your body language is poor, and your whole demeanor reeks of desperation and neediness, no woman would want to go out with you.

There are simply body language tricks you can use on any woman, and here are two of the most effective ones I’ve tried…

How To Use Astonishing Body Language Tricks To Seduce Women – You Must Know This Or You’ll Fail!

Method #1: “Romantic Eye Play”. A girl will look you directly in the eye when you meet her, and the message you transmit to her without speaking will be evident instantly. If your eyes look unfocused and disoriented, she will think you’re avoiding her gaze. If you can return her stare in a way that will make her heart flutter, the game is on.

Direct eye contact will make you come across as a confident guy who knows what he wants and won’t hesitate to get it.

Method #2: “Relax”.
Lean close to her but keep a relaxed posture. Men who seem tense are seen as jittery and over-excited. A girl doesn’t want to get close to a ticking bomb so keep the tension low and relax.

Now that you know the two secrets to powerful body language, it’s time to learn a shortcut in seducing hot women. Fractionation is a hypnotic strategy that will surely make a girl fall in love in the quickest way possible. By hypnotizing her into submission, her feelings will be enmeshed with yours and you will find it hard to shake her off. Use this only if you want girls to stick to you like glue.