July 20, 2024


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How to Get Back With an Ex – Creative Visualization Helps You Get Back With Your Ex

Often, the answer to the problem of how to get back with an ex lies in our minds. Indeed, if you believe that the mind is everything then you will also believe that the mind creates everything. This train of thought is in line with the mentalist view that you can create your own reality based on the thoughts you can visualize, imagine and control within your human mind.

However, if you are not in agreement with the mentalist point of view (too mental, you might say), you have to acknowledge that the principles of mentalism do have their value. For one thing, you can relax your mind from worries. For another, you acquire a keener sense of optimism for the future. And you will realize that in planning how to get back with an ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend, you will find great value in relaxation and optimism.

That said, you can apply the following creative visualization techniques to imagine yourself successfully carrying out your plans on how to get back with an ex.

Relax Your Body and Mind

The first step in creative visualization towards planning how to get back with an ex is to relax your body and empty your mind. You have to find a comfortable seating position in a quiet nook of the house, relax your body by doing diaphragmatic breathing exercises, and emptying your mind by focusing on your breathing.

Imagine Your Desired Result

When you are relaxed of body and mind, you can then proceed to vividly imagining the desires of your heart. And those desires should include how to get back with an ex in the shortest and sweetest time possible in the Universe.

In imagining your desires, you can make a movie in your mind complete with colors, soundtracks, location, and background. You can make indulge all your senses such that you can fee like you can actually touch your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend coming back into your arms.

Feel the Emotions

Now that you have vividly imagined your reconciliation, you can start on working on how you will feel when it does happen. Feel the emotions like they are actually happening to you now.

As the mentalists will tell you, your imagination is the engine of your thoughts while your emotions are the fuel. Put that imagination into motion through your feelings.

Believe in All That Can Be

For creative visualization to work in your plans how to get your ex back or get back with her or him, you have to believe that they will work. You have to have self-confidence to pursue your plans and achieve your goals, otherwise, creative visualization just becomes another daydreaming technique.

And the topper to all these techniques is to actually take inspired action on your plans regarding how to get back with an ex. Inspired action means to take only those that will help you achieve your goal of reconciliation; cross out those that do not lest you get sidetracked.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to get back with an ex through creative visualization!