June 19, 2024


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HoMedics Massage Chair Reviews

A HoMedics massage chair will set you back from between around $250 to $800 depending on the model you choose. There are three basic models, each of which comes with variations and each offers different functions and features. What follows is a review of the HoMedics massage chairs currently available.

The HoMedics AntiGravity massage recliner is a very simple, modern and nice looking chair. The company hypes the chair as having an ‘antigravity’ feature that uses the same seating position as NASA astronauts as they blast off into space. Hyperbole aside, what antigravity means is that the chair will recline so that ankles and feet will be slightly more elevated than the head. I don’t know about space travel, but research has shown that this position does help with circulation and that most find it a comfortable and relaxing position to be in.

What is nice about the chair is that it comes with heat, which isn’t a feature you often see in chairs of this low price (starting at around $250). The basic model is the HoMedics AG-2101 chair and it comes with simple vibrating massage. To recline you pull a lever and lock into a number of different recline angles. It comes with 10 massage programs – very basic programs – and an easy to use hand control.

You can upgrade to the AG-3000, AG-3001 and AG-3000S models (maximum price of around $380). They have an even more appealing design and they come with a shiatsu massager on the back. While the shiatsu back massager is nice, you would not buy this chair if you wanted a genuine shiatsu massage.

All in all, for a cheap massage recliner, I like the HoMedics AntiGravity. I would buy the basic AG-2101, the more expensive options don’t really offer that much more.

The HoMedics eLounger massaging recliner looks more like a traditional massage chair. It comes in black faux leather and wouldn’t look out of place in most homes. It has four massage functions: kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping and rolling with 3 programmed sessions of Full, Upper and Lower Back each lasting 15 minutes. It is sometimes touted as the HoMedics shiatsu massage chair, but at its price or around $500 – $800 (depending on model) you aren’t really going to get a decent shiatsu massage – a good shiatsu massage chair starts at around $1,800.

None the less, the massage offered is quite good and this HoMedics massage chair is certainly better than its competitor, the iJoy massage chair, in terms of design, functions and ease of use.

The control unit is stored, embedded on the top of the armrest. Some won’t like this as their arm will be constantly resting on it – although you can remove the control, and there’s a cup holder on the other armrest. I do wish the cup holder wasn’t there; it’s not as if you’ll be having a beer or coffee during your massage and it just looks tacky.

The HoMedics Scandinavian heated massage recliner chair and ottoman is my favorite chair. I like its simple and elegant styling; I like its price of around $550; and I like the functions and features that come with it. I like heat during my massage so I like the fact there are 3 zones of heat for lower back, seat and calves. The massage modes include, kneading, rolling, tapping and kneading and tapping combined. You can also choose a partial massage (focusing on a 4″ range area of your body) or spot (focusing on just one spot for kneading or kneading and tapping). You can also control the intensity to low, medium and high and there are also 3 massage speeds.

Of the 3 main models of HoMedics massage chairs I would only be interested in buying the Scandinavian recliner and ottoman. I think it offers the best features of all of them, looks great and comes at an attractive price too.