May 19, 2024


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Health Club Promotions – Using Media Exposure

When you are looking for light, you may often ignore the lamp in your own house and look for other options here and there. It is, after all, common human mentality to assume that the grass is always greener on the other side. So if you are desperate to find effective ways of health club promotions for your fitness business, try to consider your own staff members.

In case you are rubbing your eyes in disbelief, let me tell you that you have read it right. If you have certified fitness professionals on your payroll, why can’t you use them for promotions? There is no doubting the fact that there is great value attached to working with expert fitness trainers. So, by turning the spotlight on your training team, you can gain tremendous mileage in terms of promotions.

The following tips can tell you how to do health club promotions by gaining media exposure for your staff.

1. Be on the lookout for opportunities such as fitness columns in newspapers and health shows on television. Try to get your best trainers to write articles in newspapers and health journals or demonstrate exercises on television. Even if you can get hold of a ten minute slot on TV every morning, imagine the exposure your health club can get.

The reputation of your staff will also increase once they become a part of people’s lives through the television and print media.

2. If one of your trainers has devised a workout routine that has greatly helped your existing clients, make sure that this gets good media coverage. The media can project this as ‘a great new exercise regimen’ while you can look forward to hordes of new members at your club.

3. Building your media contacts is another vital component of health club promotions. Your ‘friends’ in the media will be more than willing to provide coverage on informative and interesting inputs about health and fitness (given that it is such a popular topic nowadays), that your trainers can come up with.

This can also ensure that whenever there is a health related panel discussion that calls for a fitness expert, they call you up to send one of your trainers. Even in case of ‘breaking news’ such as an injury to a top sportsperson, one of your staff members can get the chance to provide expert comments on the general nature and effects of the injury.

4. If your staff already has a substantial media presence, it may be the right thing to hammer home the point that they are ahead of your competition by a country mile!

This can be done by such health club promotion ideas such as:

Posting newspaper cutouts of articles and columns written by your staff on your health club notice-board.

Making the articles a part of your marketing newsletter.

Make a press kit with video clippings of your trainers from TV shows and news programs and use it for courting prospective members.

By now you may have realized the great opportunity that lies in front of you if you can project your staff for health club promotions. After all, it can also make these men and women, who are the pillars of your business, feel special!