June 24, 2024


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Golf Swing Fear Forms Shoulder Stress That Limit Swing Abilities. Core Breath Awareness Fix

I like to introduce an oppurtunity for a golfer to have increase ability in their golf swing mechanics and game by appoaching pacitice and game from a Zone/Zen core breath wareness ability where Stress does not exist.

In order to form a Zone/Zen sensations abilities is centered around core breath awareness during club swing mechanics practice and playing in order to alter Stress in shoulders cause by emotional doubt.

The Zone/Zen club swing mechanics abilities is base on the influence of developing types of core breath control awareness techniques that alters shoulder stress by bring about calmnss Calmness over comes nervouness, anxiety and fear through act of inhale and exhale mindfully that alters mind focus and mental emotional values.

What is a Zone/Zen physcial practice? It is mindful learned core breath pactices awareness sensations that goes to the brain where mind comes aware of the many physical sensations thereby altering abstract thinking. Without abstract thinking the mind can form calmness that prevent stress in shoulders and loss of swing abilities. Here is rule the more thoughts in head genertor for performances the greater the stress in shoulders is produces that lower range of movement and abilities.

By centering the mind on control core breath awareness mindfully that act changes energy going to emotional thoughts and with lower thoughts phyiscal sensations can become aware and used in swing mechanics

The more you feel physcially the less you can have word emotional thoughts. Having the ability to transition from judgement thoughts of playing to club practice swing mechanics sensations is the centeral value around core breath awareness techniuqes to bring about a Zone/Zen focus/physical swing.

The term Zone is Western ideas has been used to described athlete performances with no abstract thoughts. The body just acts. You see it in golf players at times. Ben Hogan was great at it. They called him in England the Ice man for there was just purposeful playing. The Zone term state has no emotional stress active in shoulders that affect body muscle tenson..

The word Zen is an Eastern practice around awareness of one own breath as they physically do things. Example is the Zen tea ceremony movement. Every part of the movement is learned like club swing mechanics. How one learns to move all the parts in the cenemony has an attitude developed through breath awareness.

One own breath sense of awareness is part of the ceremony in attitude movement. The attitude that is being projected in the ceremony add to the beauty of the Tea. It is an experinces just like club swing mechanics.

The Zen core breath timing awareness in the ceremony practices creating physical state that others can sense as a formed attitude during movement in each part of the ceremony.

The number one reason to spend time on this idea of Zone/Zen practice incorportated into your existing golf swing mechanic practices is to change stress in shoulders which will allow greater range in the swing.

What ever mindful Beath awareness approach you practice and play with you can measure it abilities by how it affects stress in shoulders and your attitude emotional generator to address nervousness anxiety and fear that forms stress.

I say the higher your quality mindfulness of aware core breath the lower ones stress can exist in shoulders therefore calmness.

Example to be tested. The higher up and tighter the shoulders are the less inhale or exhale can be done physically in the torso. You can physically test it for your self. Just bring shoulder up high then move belly button and torso to feel inhale and exhale range abilities. You will find range will be far greater if shoulders are down. Understanding the contrast between two states is to bring awareness of differences of body sensation and abilities is shoulders are up or down and soft which means calmness.

The Zone/Zen is a breath awarensss phyisal development with mind/mindful coodination around practice of club swing mechanics that allows shoulders to be down and soft. Stress in shoulders makes you physcially weaker in hands and throughout the body. FACT

Picking the most affective breath awareness techniques is like picking the right club for a shot. You will feel it working on swing.

Be clear what do you want your practice to do for you. There many forms of bearth awareness like the Tea ceremony breath awarensss will not work for Golf swing mechanics but it can work for other times in the game.. Finding breath practices that goes into your purpose is a testing challenge. Measure affects always related to shoulder stress affect in purpose.

Once golfer as foundation breath awarensss techniques that is affective for time then adjustment can begin to make it more affective in swing mechanics and game.

Golfers go on the range and hit balls to bring their Swing mechanic into focus or affect change in the swing mechanics. What is missing to me in swing mechanics practice is a process to reduce stress in shoulder with a conscious technique methods.

What golfers do so many times is hit balls until they feel swing mechanices and abilities. This a a subconscious approach method and it may works or not and to what level of feelings. When the shoulders feel good the swing feels good.

Ben Hogan shown in two drawing in his Five Lessons book I say shows what I am talking about is the two drawings of his swing and how it has 4 parts of understandding in the drawn illustratons. It the only book on golf to show internal core genortor force for energy and strength and link to head attitude genertor to direct the energy into the club head.

Like he said the rotational force of body goes into the grip finger ergonomics to the club head for power..

In my view Ben Hogan has the Best swing mechanics but what missing is the understanding of Core genorator development and head attitude genortor development relationship he shows.

To learn about core and head genertor abilities can be found in Qi Gong breathing awareness techniques. I am a Master of my form of Qi Gong breath useages and awareness techniques which I have incorportated into Golf swing mechanics and game.

Adding breath awarenss techniques which there are many forms to your club swing mechanics and game will alter your stress in shoulders that will allow your physical to come into your game. The Zone/Zen calmness abilities in each swings and playing golf has many benefits out side golf.

Talking about Stress from fear, anxiety and nervousness.

When you experience nervousness, anxiety, or fear in your golf game, you will often simultaneously experience muscle tension in your shoulders and people call it stress. When people say they are stress is a great word for bring focus to physical going to shoulders. The physical effects of stress in the shoulders limits physical performances is will noted. Fear is foundation to nervousness anxiety and confusion so many times.

  • Humans experience two types of fear one physical and other judgeemtn fear.
    • The first type of fear is physical harm. For example, this would occur when a car is about to hit you.
    • The other type of fear is learned founded on emotional defintions in judgemetn learned in the culture. This type of fear is rooted in making a mistake.
    • Both types of fear cause you to raise your shoulders and create muscle tension that makes the body weak.
  • When you anticipate harm, you become afraid, which causes your shoulders to rise. When your fear is not due to physical harm, it is emotional definition then one needs a method to release it emotionally. Recognizing defences in harm allows the mind to alter fear that forms stress between physical and emotional.
  • Learning to release muscle tension in your shoulders comes with Breath awareness for all relaxing/calming programs have a form of breath control that bring about level of calmness physicallly and mentally. I go from physical calmness to mental release using breath awareness rooted in Zen practice and Qi Gong training.

How to get alter stress muscle tension from emotional judgement fear during competition:

  • Once you are aware that your fear is emotional rather than physical, you need to release judgement fear and re-direct your awareness to physical sensation like in golf swing mechanics practice comes the main reality.
  • Here are suggestions to begin understanding and testing and play around with breath awarenes sensation for physcial affects and reduction of stress in shoulders
  • This process is to bring sensations to the mind then you judge what works by playing aroudn with many forces. Learning difference affects to form your own use of breath awareness to change stress that affects mind set attitude in playing.
  • Test these ideas out and see if affects shoulder stress and what it produces in the body. This is body to mental approach that affects abilities. If you change the body the mental can change. You can say the Mind locks the body in place so changing body the mind has to alter with Body change.
  • First, close your eyes and practice breath awareness to alter stress in shoulders before swinging your golf club. This is a conditioning process you practice to form a state between mind and body.
  • Your eyes always project energy, so by closing them the mind energy awareness increases. With each breath awareness can flow energy and increase body sensations that alter shoulder stress.
  • Sports psychologists has strengths and limitations and lot of times they use Visualization techniques employed to reduce stress and direct energy in a purpose. Since Visulaization is in the head attitude genertor other forces Stress will not allow energy flow into Visulaiztion. Head attitude genertors conditioning is not simple for I approach it from energy flow sensation feedback evaluation ability base in Qi Gong core aware breath.
  • Your performance improves more by redirecting your energy through a trained attitude.You must be mindful that only your body can produce energy and control your emotions. All projection of your reality comes through your body.
  • Golfers have to process many variables during playing. Having Breath awareness techniques as center focus change from mental to physical is my suggestion for it about transtion method really affects things.

Golf and Breath Awareness Core Breathing Technique

Breath awareness Core-breathing is a purely mechanical process which influences all of your physical activities.

The methoded of awareness of Core-breathing helps you become more aware of what you are feeling and helps lessen situational fear.The more you feel, the less you think. Fear is thought based and an abstract thought, which is why core-breathing is the most effective technique to lessen fear.

  • Core-breathing stabilizes your hips and brings you more confidence to swing from the ground up by enhancing the ability of both your hands and feet and softening your shoulders.

Golfers adding to practice mindful breath awareness core breathing into all parts of game to allow less stress in shoulders has the affect of having enhanced physical and mental clarirty. Breath awareness core breathing at basic level is transtion method from mental to physical and it learned and practice for physical condition. By developing breath awareness core breathing the next level is using it for a Zone/Zen playing abilities.