April 21, 2024


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Five Tips to Improve Employee Health and Wellness

Every employer wants a productive motivated workforce and one of the ways to increase productivity and morale in the workplace is to promote health. When you decide to focus on health promotion, you should look into well-rounded options, options that promote healthy bodies and minds in awareness and increase personal self-improvement at little or no cost. It is also important that senior management be involved and committed to health promotion as this encourages employee participation. Improved employee health and wellness also equals less absenteeism, increased focus and increased efficiency. Here are just a few tips on how you can improve employee health and wellness.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). EAP is a great addition to your benefit package. This program allows employees to have access to a third-party whose goal is to enhance wellness for employees and their families. With this program they can receive confidential advice/assistance with marital or family problems, addictions, stress, loss, finances, parenting and many more depending on the program. This type of support helps your employees focus on their mental/emotional health in order to be more productive not only in the workplace but also at home. With EAP’s you can provide informational lunch and learns on topics that are important to your workforce. Conduct a survey to find out what most employees want to hear about – handling teenagers, tobacco cessation, depression, anxiety etc. and use these sessions to raise awareness.

Discounts to fitness programs. Partner with a fitness club in the neighborhood and offer an employee discount to join the club. Alternatively if you have the space, create an in-house gym with a minimal membership fee. Once both or either program is set up, schedule an informational session that includes a tour of the facility. People are more inclined to take the next step once they have all the information they need to get started.

Go Green. Yes going green does have a positive impact on health, thereby increasing productivity. It also reduces costs by minimizing waste. By going green employees will be less exposed to harmful pollutants that in the long run may have harmful effects on health. You can take steps to get a green environment by monitoring the buildings’ air quality, temperature, lighting, humidity and pollutant concentration to ensure that your employees are both comfortable and risk free. Some other go green steps you can take include recycling plastics, cans, bottles, electronics etc, using green lighting and cleaning products, providing your employees with mugs and eliminating disposables.

Employee participation. Encourage employee participation in company sports teams or leagues. Allow employees to create and lead softball teams or ‘walkercize’ programs for example. Teams such as softball may meet after work for practice and events. ‘Walkercize’ groups could meet at lunchtime for 30-45 minute walk and talk sessions. Projects can be discussed at this time or the time could be used to network with other teams. Walks will also encourage employees to take a much needed break throughout the day. Taking a break from work allows the employee to return refreshed and more focused. Its a win/win.

Charity begins at home. Any company involved within their community encourages employees to give back to their community in one way or another. Employees can walk, run or golf for charities within the community or get involved with charities that focus on health and wellness, there are numerous conditions out there of which employees may not otherwise be aware. Other than the benefit of satisfaction from helping others they also get more knowledgeable about their health and tend to take steps to keep healthy. Such participation would encourage them to focus on prevention a step that decreases absenteeism.

Improved employee health and wellness does increase productivity and morale in the workforce. Think about it.