April 21, 2024


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Erect Penis Through the Sense of Smell: Arousing Scents

Smells and scents have long been associated with sexual response (hence the overuse of cologne by nervous teen-age boys on a first date); now it turns out that some of the aromas that make for an erect penis are not what one might expect. And so in some sense, appropriate penis care should extend beyond the mid-section and all the way up to the nose.

Traditional scents

Before moving on to some of the more surprising arousing scents, it pays to have a refresher on the tried-and-true aromas associated with aphrodisiacal powers.

– Musk – One of the most popular scents for getting both men and women in the mood, musk originally was obtained from the glands of male deer. In more recent times, it has been formulated from many different animal and plant-based sources. The distinctive scent is popular as the base for many perfumes and colognes. However, some people nowadays find musk a little “overdone.”

– Vanilla – The sweet scent of vanilla has a subtle tang to it. Inhaling the aroma causes an arousing reaction while simultaneously lowering stress levels – a potent combination.

– Lavender – There’s something about the scent of lavender which really connects with men. Studies indicate that it has a very relaxing effect on men, making them more at ease and therefore more in the mood for sexual experiences.

– Jasmine – There’s a reason that so many women’s perfumes contain jasmine in varying amounts. Many women find that jasmine helps to increase a man’s level of interest – even when he’s a bit tired.

Surprising scents

In 2014, a study was done on how a number of different scents affected the flow of blood to the penis. Since penile blood flow is an important component of penile strength and function, it’s obvious why an association with increased blood flow could make an aroma especially interesting to men. Among the most powerful smells to be measured were the following:

– Pumpkin pie – Yes, the scent associated with holidays like Thanksgiving was highest on the list of man-friendly scents. According to the study, inhaling the smell of pumpkin pie typically results in an average increase of blood flow to the penis of 40%! If a man feels especially ready for a roll in the hay after dessert on Turkey Day, this may very well be the reason why.

– Popcorn (with butter) – That little extra bulge in a guy’s pants after the movies may not just result from watching a drop-dead gorgeous Hollywood star onscreen. Buttered popcorn seems to increase penile blood flow by about 9% – which is pretty impressive.

– Pizza – College men are well-known for eating tons of pizza. They’re also well-known for being basically “ready for action” at the drop of a hat. Is there a connection? Sure, the fact that they are in the prime of their sexual lives is the main factor. But the delicious smell of plain old cheese pizza also rated high on the manhood blood flow meter.

A healthy penis is going to respond to many different stimuli, including arousing scents. It therefore pays for a man to make sure that his manhood is healthy and sports a proper physical appearance. Using a top-drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is an easy way to help maintain that health. Just as some scents can be appealing, others can be off-putting – and persistent penis odor is one that derails many a potential relationship. A crème that contains vitamin A, with its potent anti-bacterial properties, is ideal for battling unwanted manhood odor. And while scents may help increase penis blood flow, it’s wise to bolster the blood vessels by using a crème with L-arginine. This enzyme helps produce nitric oxide, which in turn helps keep penile blood vessels open for that increased flow.