May 19, 2024


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Earth Shattering Orgasms for Men – Master Slow Abdominal Breathing

The correct breathing technique is paramount for a truly great orgasm! The human body does not work to its optimum when it becomes dehydrated from not drinking enough water, however, lack of oxygen during sex will cripple a great orgasm for men and women.

Today, I am going to write about the importance of the male body receiving adequate oxygen during sex. The correct breathing technique during sex, can explode an average male orgasm to heights of delicious ecstasy, all-body tingling, shaking legs, and an all-body nuclear energy explosion of orgasm from the tips of the toes to the top of the head. For men, who usually only feel the energy of their orgasm between their thighs, the correct breathing technique can turn the average male orgasm into a mind-blowing and earth shattering all-body event!

Do I have your attention now?

Sadly, it is the human male who misses out on achieving an all-body orgasm, multiple orgasms with delayed ejaculation and if a guy wants, orgasm without the need to ejaculate at all! Slow and relaxed abdominal breathing is the key to really sensational recreational sex.

Guys, slow and deep tummy breathing will increase your lung capacity, which can increase your stamina and your sexual power. Slow deep abdominal breathing will oxygenate every cell of your body. Taking it slow, will allow your body to feel more sensations, and, orgasm is energy and once erotic energy starts to pulsate around the body, the explosion and release is mind-blowing!

Here’s what you do…

When you are next pleasuring yourself, take it slow and breathe deeply to your belly button. Breathe in your nose, all the energy should be on the in-breath, then relax, open your mouth and slowly let your breath fall out of your mouth.

If it takes 2-3 seconds to breathe in your nose, allow 4-5 seconds to slowly breathe out of your mouth. Do remember to keep your body relaxed, don’t rush masturbation, breathe in and out, slowly and deeply, and allow your body to feel and experience the blissful sensations your body will start to feel.

Guys take it slow, however, even if you are masturbating quickly, you can still breathe slowly! To fully release your orgasmic energy, to every cell of your body, do allow your body to moan “aarrgghh”. It is astounding how many human beings make no noise during sex!

Breathe – Relax – Feel – Take it Slow – Make some Sound – Savour your Experience!

Finally guys, when you feel your orgasm ready to explode, allow your whole body to completely relax and “aarrgghh” out your mouth to release. Keep breathing. Wow, your experience should be out of this world. Simply Awesome!