April 12, 2024


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Different Ways to Experience Hot Stone Therapy

In this article, we will tackle all about the different heated stone massage treatments. This type of therapy is believed to promote blood circulation, grant deep tissue massage, an increase of body energy and promotes relaxation.

General Hot Stone Massage

In general, this massage technique uses warm, smooth Basalt or volcano rock. The heat from the rocks is believed to help release muscle tension and it provides a deep tissue massage. Before the therapy begins, the therapist immerses the rocks in water and heats it using a heating unit.

Hot Stone Back Massage

This type of therapy has the same effect as a general hot stone massage. The only difference, this treatment focuses primarily on the back. It has been said that this therapy is very relaxing because of the heat from the stones; this allows the therapist to give a deep tissue massage with less pressure.

Hot Stone Horizontal Massage

This type of treatment is similar to a general full body hot stone massage, but this type of massage targets specific areas and muscles rather than on the whole body. Generally, the therapist focuses on your arms, the back, legs, neck, and feet.

Hot Stone Facial Massage

This type of treatment uses traditional Asian stones, or yen stones, that are smooth, round, donut-shaped stones. The typical basalt stones are not used in hot face massages due to the fact of their surface is too rough and can cause micro-scratches on the tissues of the face. Heating pads are used to warm the yen stones. This therapy is said to be very relaxing. This also stimulates the brain and the nervous system, increasing the blood flow and lymph circulation.