April 12, 2024


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Clear Clutter and Create Calm: Step Out of Your Clutter Cycle

Clutter can present a very challenging vicious cycle, eating into your energy, self-esteem, productivity, and peace of mind at every turn. You might not be conscious of it all the time, but it is draining and debilitating.

If you’re a busy mom or dad, you know that finding time in the midst of all the “busyness” for a calm moment can be a little like finding clear space on a cluttered kitchen counter. In other words… it can seem impossible. Sound familiar?

But I’m here to tell you that Clutter-Free Calm is a great gift that you can give to yourself – and it’s NOT impossible at all!

In fact, the good news is that the Clutter Cycle is one that you can step into and break at any point. It might not feel like it when you are staring at a room that’s filled to the brim with “stuff”… but it’s vital to remember, you hold the power.

And here are 3 key tips you can use to carve out some clear space or create a calm moment for yourself… whenever you’d like! You will be amazed at how powerful these 3 simple tips become as you practice them and incorporate them into your life:

  1. Start small. Don’t set yourself up for failure by expecting that you will be able to give yourself 2 free hours or a fully de-cluttered family room right away. Instead, set goals that are absolutely within your reach… but still require a small stretch. How about 5-minutes of meditation or organizing the catch-all tool drawer (you know the one I mean) to start.

  1. Celebrate every success! Give yourself credit when you follow through and happily acknowledge each accomplishment. This builds momentum, makes it fun, and reinforces a friendly relationship with yourself. It’s especially important when dealing with clutter, which often triggers shame and self-criticism. Counter that with lots of pats on the back for any/all headway you make!

  1. Build on what works. As you explore de-cluttering (whether it involves your space or your time) you’ll develop systems, ways of communicating, and ‘tricks of the trade’ that work well for you. Be aware of these and use them often, adapting as circumstances change. You might even create a checklist for future reference.

BONUS TIP: As you may have guessed, any effort to de-clutter or create space involves creating boundaries. This can entail tough decisions. This goes. This stays. Yes. No. As you get better and better at setting, communicating, and following through on your boundaries, you’ll find yourself with more space and less clutter.

Start to let go of your clutter and create calm for yourself, and you will find that your energy is freed up in all sorts of new and exciting ways!

Now, ask yourself: Are there other things you can do to increase your energy and responsiveness?