April 12, 2024


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Ayurvedic Massages – Gentle, Yet Efficient Methods of Healing

Ayurvedic massages are of different kinds and are efficient in treatment of variety of conditions like stress, arthritis, sports injury, obesity, and several dozens of other conditions. A quick rundown on the chief Ayurvedic massages are given below.

Abhayanga (full body oil massage) – this is massage with oil, where the whole body is massaged by one or more masseurs. Abhayanga is the simplest form and can also be performed by oneself – by applying oil on all parts of the body – from head to toe.

Marma-massage – this massage using Ayurvedic medicines and massage techniques is almost unique to Kerala. This massage is for strength and rejuvenation. Marma is a vital point in the body, where pressure applied in the wrong way can lead to serious disability or even death. By stimulating these vital points, physical strength and working of nervous system can be improved.

Pizhichil – this type of massage includes lavish pouring of medicated oil all over the body and pressure massaging by two masseurs.

Shirodhara (dhara) – Dhara can be of different types. Shirodhara is the method of continuous pouring of medicated oil on the head or forehead, to facilitate relaxation and to cure stress and various mental disturbances. Today, Shirodhara is recommended for executives and professionals, who lead a very stressful lifestyle.

That said, Ayurvedic massages like abhayanga can be performed at home, either alone or with other family members. Foot massage, hand massage, head massage, etc with or without medicinal oil is beneficial to body and mind. Such a practice relaxes the nervous system, bringing positive effects on blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Massaging stimulates blood circulation too.

Ayurvedic massage techniques are also developed as a means to inject medicines into the blood stream at very low quantities. Continuous massaging with special medicated oils can put the medicines into the bloodstream.

Ayurvedic massages also help in releasing and eliminating toxic materials from the bloodstream and from the body.

Only qualified Ayurveda practitioners can recommend the type of medicinal oils suited for you, based on your physical constitution (called dosha type). Masseurs and spa technicians, who have passed diploma or certificate courses in massage therapy, give massage treatments at Ayurvedic massage parlours and treatment centres, under the guidance of a qualified physician.

With the right kind of massages, you can get several different conditions (physical and mental) under control. Only thing is, you should be at the right kind of physician, who can give excellent guidance on lifestyle modifications, food, etc. Massaging is only a beginning.