June 24, 2024


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Affirmations for Immortality

A year or so ago I was looking for an affirmation MP3 that could be used to help reprogram my mind from its preconceived idea that the physical body must die. The truth is the body does not have to die-it can ascend into a light (glorified) body as Jesus Christ and other ascended masters have proven. Our thoughts and beliefs greatly affect our health and everything we experience in life. The way to bring about any outward change is to reprogram the mind to think higher thoughts.

All the science regarding cell regeneration shows that our cells have the ability to renew and sustain life indefinitely. The reason the body dies is because the mind is not thinking God’s thoughts and has instead accepted the limited idea that dying is normal. I didn’t find the affirmation MP3 I was looking for online, so I created one that

I’d like to share with you.

The mind of the soul reincarnates from one life to another; it never dies. You may have been working on physical immortality in previous lifetimes. If so, you will probably resonate with the thoughts on this page. Perhaps you will achieve immortality or ascension into your light body during this lifetime! If not, you are still helping yourself (and humanity) by sending energy of this concept into the collective consciousness of humanity. It’s worth a try!

What have you got to lose? As Leonard Orr says, “Death is a grave mistake!” and “Physical immortality as a living philosophy is the only cause you can’t die for!” and “You are immortal until you prove otherwise.”

Why prove otherwise? Why not live in a new reality? I find this very exciting and just thinking about it has created more hope in my mind and joy in all the cells of my body. We can begin creating the energy for immortality by talking about it with others and reprogramming our minds with messages about living life to the fullest.

Here is an exercise to help you do this.

When I operate in conscious awareness of my life urge, I am joyful, relaxed, and at peace.

All humans have a choice to make regarding how, when, and IF death will occur for them. I allow others to make their own decision about longevity, but I am choosing eternal immortality for my beautiful body.

I enjoy my life and appreciate my own beauty so much, I want to be in my divine physical body on this Earth plane.

If I get bored with Earth life, I will simply shift into my light body and visit other places in our wonderful multiverse for a while.

I am in the process of eliminating my unconscious death urge and allowing life to consume every fiber of my being.

I release anything unlike love or life.

I am willing to let go of any thoughts about death or dying.

I can gauge my life urge by how much I love and appreciate and care for myself and my body. The more pleasure and joy I experience, the more my life urge is increasing.

There may be times when certain aspects of the death urge habit come up for healing. I will lovingly acknowledge, release, process, and resolve these issues without resistance to the healing that is being offered to me.

I will realign my thoughts and emotions with the mind of God.

My body is my servant. It does whatever I request according to my beliefs. If something is not satisfactory about my body, I will allow this to serve as a reminder that my mind needs renewing. I will gladly submit my thoughts to the mind of the Christ Consciousness.

I breathe to renew my mind and release my body from the effects of fear-based thoughts.

Because I love my body and myself, I enjoy taking care of my body.

I enjoy bathing my body. The sweet-smelling soap and warm water feel so good!

I enjoy wearing nice clothes that fit well and flatter my beautiful figure.

I find pleasure in exercising and moving my body. Dancing is fun. Walking is refreshing, and I find all kinds of enjoyable activities to engage my body in.

I really like to play and be as free as a child.

I am youthful.

I am youthing!

I am getting younger every day.

My body is overcoming the abuse it withstood when I was not aware of my death urge. Now, I am consciously creating health and well-being for my body and mind.

My body looks and feels ageless as I accumulate innumerable Earth years.

I can relax and take it easy anytime I please. It’s great to have fun!

I don’t need as much sleep or food now that my body is processing Light as an energy source.

My body feels refreshed no matter how many or few hours I sleep.

My body feels full and satisfied. This allows me to mindfully chew my food and enjoy each healthy bite. This also allows me to fast when I want to increase my spiritual ascension process.

I am immortal.

My body is everlasting.

I call forth life in every cell of my body.

I will emphasize the life urge in all my conversations-both mental and verbal.

I am thrilled when I am having pleasure.

I am ascending in body and spirit.

I can laugh easily-especially when I think of how absurd the death urge is.

I am one with the Life Force that created me.

Life is easy.

I am blessed to be living in an immortal body.

My body has put on incorruption! Thank you, Jesus, for setting the example for me. I love you dearly!

I bless all those who have overcome death, ascended, and shown me the way to physical immortality.

Death has no sting-it does not exist for me. The grave has no victory over my body-I consciously create life with every breath I take.

I am pleased with my spiritual progress. All my spiritual purification techniques have and are working well to rid my body, emotions, and mind of the death urge.