June 24, 2024


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A Guide To At Home Workouts

Gyms can be expensive. And inconvenient. How many times have you skipped a workout just because you couldn’t find the time to pull a bag together and drive to your local health club? And if you travel? If your workout routine depends on having access to a gym, then many times you find yourself in locations where you miss workouts due to not having access to a facility. Health club workouts can be effective, but wouldn’t it also be nice to have a good at home workout available for those times when you’re traveling or just can’t find the time to get into the club?

Portability is one of the key benefits of an effective at home workout. It works for you wherever you are whether it’s in a hotel room, your den, or on a beach. The key is to develop a routine that utilizes body weight exercise to work the major muscles of the body. Gym rats will tell you that it takes working with free weights and machines to develop muscles and endurance. They will say that without weight-based resistance training, that you really can’t exert enough force to encourage muscle growth. This is not true.

Body weight is actually a superior form of resistance to use in exercise. Using body weight exercises you can emphasize the core muscles of the body. Hand stand push-ups while propped against a wall, basic push-ups, and trunk twists are all examples of body weight exercises that work key core muscle groups.And unlike exercises utilizing weights or especially machines, these body weight exercises force you work multiple muscle groups together in a coordinated fashion.

This develops “real world” strength and endurance. What is “real world” strength? Real world strength, coordination, and endurance are what you need to perform real world tasks. Performing a set of tricep push-downs may develop a great pair of guns (arms), but what practical real world tasks are made easier by having big triceps? Big triceps aren’t going to help much when it comes to swinging a tennis racket, lifting a heavy box, or pushing a sofa up a flight of steps.

Gym exercises tend to focus on movements that isolate specific muscles. This is great for body builders and athletes in particular sports.But for the rest of us, a good at home work out can build overall core, practical strength, body coordination, and flexibility. It’s this kind of fitness that will help your golf game, improve your endurance on the court, and make it easier to lift a couch up a flight of stairs.

A good at home workout does not rely on weights, machines, or confusing elastic bands (although they can be added for additional variety). A good home workout is portable.An effective at home workout will work all the core muscles of the body and will help you develop real world strength, flexibility, and coordination.

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