July 20, 2024


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Why Should You Wear Body Stockings?

If you want to look and feel good about yourself, what you are wearing underneath is important. What you wear behind the scenes is what can make or break your outfit. Haven’t you seen someone wear an expensive dress suit only to make it look pathetic because everything wasn’t held together properly? Bulging belly rolls or four boobies is not pretty, take my word for it.

A polished outfit should do what it is meant to do – make you look uptown and tailored. No surprises, No lumps. No bulges. That’s why, when it comes to looking great, a body stocking is what you need.

You may ask, what exactly is a body stocking? In simple terms, it is an article of lingerie, similar to a leotard or catsuit. It usually has long legs, but it may have long, short, or no sleeves. It is normally made from a sheer fabric similar to those used for stockings and tights, or from fishnet material. Some people consider body stockings to be an erotic garment. In other words, body stockings can have a two fold use, help you look sleek and put together and make you look exotic in the bedroom.

Lines that generally show from the bottom of the bra or from the waistband of panties or stockings are almost eliminated with a body stocking providing that you are not grossly out of shape. Body hugging gowns need a body stocking to give the gown a sleek, polished look. Body stockings five you extra smoothness under your figure hugging clothing.

One wonderful thing about body stockings are that they are made of lightweight fabric and are therefore easier to remove and fit than their counterparts, bodysuits. When you go shopping for a bodysuit, you generally shop by bra size. In most instances, if you don’t have a perfect body, a body suit could be an ill fitting experience for you. It might fit at the bust, but not anywhere else. That’s why it’s great to buy a body stocking instead. Body stockings are made from stretchy fabric which provides more give in the hips and tummy areas.

Another advantage that body stockings [http://www.bellsbowsandwhistles.com/shop.php/bodystockings/c_22.html] have over bodysuits is that many body stockings have open crotches for easier access when you need to visit the ladies room. Of course this is also why many people consider body stockings as erotic. I’ll let your mind wander there instead of pointing out the obvious. A bodysuit requires you to unbuckle fasteners which is challenging when wearing evening gowns or body hugging clothing. When wearing a crotchless body stocking, there is no need in coming out of your undergarments.

Body stockings are more suitable for bodies that are toned and evenly shaped in all sizes. A body stocking will help you slip into a dress that is just slightly too small, but it won’t turn a size 12 into a size 8 so don’t expect a miracle. And if you do stuff yourself into a size 8 dress, be prepared for a very uncomfortable and unflattering day ahead. Get the right size body stocking in order to flatter your figure. Body stockings won’t turn large bodies into small ones, they are not magical. Body stockings can reduce the jiggle in your backside, but they won’t give you buns of steel. Body stockings won’t take the place of exercise.