July 20, 2024


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What is Body Building?

A man is said to be complete when he has sound mind, soul and body. The main role is played by the fit body, when the body is fit automatically the mind and the soul becomes fit.

How to keep the body fit? Various people have various opinions and views about body fitness. Once the body is fit, we take up steps to maintain and build it in a healthy manner. Healthy means keeping oneself fit with healthy food and surrounding.

Healthy surrounding, it is nothing but having a pleasant and peaceful environment without pollution. Nowadays environment without pollution is rare. Every places, they are polluted either by air or water or sound. Adapting oneself to these surroundings and maintaining healthy life makes a man fit in mind, soul and body.

Now coming to the point of healthy food, the complete nutritious and balanced diet is said to be healthy. When a man is perfect in this he seems to build his body. Body building for some people is a craze, for some people it is professional and some people consider it as maintain fitness to lead a healthy life.

Body building generally means building of body and muscles. How are these body muscles built? The functional unit of building the body muscles is proteins. Proteins are compounds of amino acids. Groups of amino acids form the protein. There are two types of amino acids essential and non-essential amino acids.

Essential amino acids are not produced or present in the body. Non-essential amino acids are present in the body. These essential amino acids are taken by the body through external intake. In case these amino acids are growth factors present in DNA. DNA is the genetic factor of each individual. DNA determines the sexual and physical aspects or the characteristics of every individual.

Some compound amino acids in the form of proteins are present in the muscles. The structural and functional unit of muscles is sarcomre. These sarcomeres consists of proteins, which are through active movements and exercises multiplies and builds up the whole muscle structure.

A single muscle bulk consists of many millions of sarcomre. The exercises when performed activate each sarcomre in a different extent. Exercise gives more blood supply to the muscles and provides oxygen, nutrition for the proteins. In general proteins are called as “body builders”.

Body building is doing exercises with various machineries. In building of muscles they maintain a different diet, type of rest etc. They do a lot of activity to keep the muscle structures active. The diet includes lot of fat intake. Fat, when the exercises are performed breaks down and converts as glucose that gives the energy.Say for example for the building up of biceps or the arm muscles different exercises are performed. They use dumbells, weight lifting pull ups etc.it varies for each muscle of the body.

Thus to conclude, body building to an extent is healthy. Anything that crosses its limit will result in doing no good. They cause adverse pain and led to many side effects. To safely body build, check out Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building, it’s essentially an online muscle building guide aimed to teach people how to successfully and safely build muscle. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not a full on bodybuilding guide (although it can be) it allows you to work at your own pace and make the gains you want.