May 19, 2024


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Types of Ski Accommodation Is Les Arcs

Les Arcs is a great base for a ski holiday in the Paradiski region of the French alps. The resort in split into several areas names by their altitude in metres above sea level, Arc 1600, Arc 1800, Arc 1950, and Arc 2000.

The higher altitude areas of 1950 and 2000 are effectively co-located and offer greater proximity to the ski area and also have a greater chance of snow in the resort. While the different altitudes offer different nightlife and transportation, there is relatively little difference between the accommodation options.

There are a huge variety of accommodation options in Les Arcs, ranging from studio apartments to 4 star hotels, to large catered chalets for 16 guests.


There are several hotels in Les Arcs, mainly 2 and 3 star (there are 6 and 8 of these respectively), there is one 4 star hotel in Les Arcs 1950, the Radisson Blu Resort, Arc 1950. Hotels offer the opportunity to access dining, a bar as well as sport and leisure activities without leaving the building. You will not have the same privacy and exclusivity of an apartment or chalet- having to share the pool, bar and other facilities with other guests, and may have the additional cost of hotel food and drink, however the social side of a hotel as well as the better location closer to the lifts may be enough compensation for some.


The most common accommodation in Les Arcs is the ski apartment. With dozens available at each altitude, the real distinguishing features to refine by are the additional extras available. For instance, 86% of apartments in Les Arcs have a balcony, while great enhancements like a sauna are more rare – our research brought up just 9 apartments with a sauna. This kind of treat is very useful after a day working hard on the slopes.

Also you have the option of catered versus self catered. In the case of apartments the majority of apartments in Les Arcs are self-catered – this makes sense when you consider the size as many apartments would be for couples, who most likely would enjoy the privacy of cooking and eating together. There are plenty of shops and restaurants in Les Arcs to catered for the self catering guests.


Starting with the catered vs. self-catered option – Chalets offer more choice compared to apartments in terms of catering – usually larger chalets that host groups and families offer a catered option, so you can have self catered of you’d prefer, but you can also benefit from choosing to have a catered chalet so you can focus on skiing and relaxation.

Chalets offer more space, both in terms of the number of guests they can accommodate, but also they usually offer a spacious kitchen and lounge, with fireplace for warming up after a day on the slopes. Chalets offer a more homely feel though often you pay for the larger space by being situated further away from the ski lifts – this is because the larger buildings of hotels and apartment buildings usually dominate the lift side locations.