June 24, 2024


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The Stretch Out and Hammock Techniques of Astral Projection

There are many techniques of astral projection. Apart of most common ones such as the Monroe technique or the Rope technique, many methods of astral projection have been developed and practiced. Some techniques work for some people, some do not, and so it is always recommended to search for more possibilities. It is up to the individual background of the astral traveler, with many background factors influencing his/ her attempts to astral project.

Of course, practitioners should be patient and not give up if some technique doesn’t work from the first time. Sometimes, reasons of having unsuccessful astral projection are to be found in the practitioner’s nature and not in the technique itself. Give each one enough time. There are also many ways to speed up the whole process and remove frustrations that are usually one of the most common reasons for unsuccessful projection. With patience, you will soon be able to project yourself into the realm of endless possibilities.

Astral projection techniques are the last step you have to manage before you finally astral project yourself. Make sure you are doing it properly, with a full concentration. Let us now look at two simple techniques for astral projection.

1. The Stretch out Technique

The Stretch out technique may have excellent results if properly performed. It gives your astral body an easy way to separate from the physical body. This technique basically requires you to imagine your body stretching out in a specific way. Lie down and close your eyes. Start the relaxation process with breathing and releasing the stress from your body. For a beginning, first imagine your feet stretching out and increasing in size by a few inches. Once you get the clear picture of your feet being stretched out, stop and then allow them to go back to their usual size.

Next, focus on your head and do the same thing, imagining it stretched out. Then, see your head going back to its normal size. After this, go back forth to your feet and head, stretching them out more and more each time. You have to visualize them stretched out by a few feet. Then, try to imagine yourself stretched out up to a point where you are able to fill up the whole room.

Just stay very relaxed and calm. The next sensation, together with the vibrations of your astral body, will be to feel as you are floating and rising out of your physical body up to the moment when you are completely separated from it. This is one of the easiest techniques to practice and can be of great benefit for beginners.

2. The Hammock technique

The Hammock technique is a great relaxation exercise, but is also an easy way for achieving astral projection experience. This method is based on simple breathing and relaxation methods. Consequently, the first step is to lie down and to start concentrating on your breathing process.

Breathe rhythmically, with a deeper than usual breathe. After every inhale and exhale, you should hold your breathe for few seconds. After some time, depending on your level of concentration, your body will start to relax; you breathing will have steady rhythm. Your mind is clear from any possible intruding thought.

Now, imagine your self resting in a hammock as it sways forth and back. You need to feel the wind over your body as you are getting completely relaxed going forth and back. Remember that this is a moment when you may fall asleep, so you try to keep your mind awake while your body has to be asleep. Continue this process till you can feel the specific vibrations that are the main symptom of the beginning of astral projection.

You have to be completely aware of these vibrations and changes in their intensity. In the moment when you begin to feel buzzing, tingles, as well as rapid heart rate and vibrations all over the body, you are only seconds of separation your astral body from the physical one. You will also start hearing different sounds, waves and frequencies from the astral dimension; don’t be scary, just continue your concentration till the moment of the complete separation when you will be able to see your physical body from above.