July 13, 2024


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The Key Simple Things to a Healthy and Fit Body

The Key Simple Things to a Healthy and Fit Body

Most people struggle to achieve their health goals not realizing that the key to their success in these is in the simple things that they ignore on a daily basis. While a majority set for themselves very high fitness goals which when they don’t meet eventually demotivates them and hence ruins their journey to a healthy and fit body. In this article am going to discuss four key things which are absolutely crucial in ensuring that you achieve your fitness objectives

Any exercise regime, am mentioning here an exercise regime but it could be any physical activity that one intends to undertake so as to achieve certain fitness objectives, that one sets must have four key things if it has to have any chance of succeeding in giving you that dream body that you are craving for. These four key things are:-

1) First and fore most, one should have a mindset that seeks to approach any exercise regime as a way of life and not as a quick fix thing that would be finished after one gets the required result. And while at this, it is always important to remember no two bodies are the same and the way one body responds to exercise is different from the way another will behave. Therefore the way your trainer, neighbor, or friend turned out to be is not a guarantee that you will achieve the same results. The key thing is just to ensure that you continue to do the right things towards that healthy body that you so deserve and entitled to subject to your having the correct mindset

2) The second important thing is that there needs to be some goals by which one will be able to determine whether they are achieving any progress. They could be very simple goals like aiming to walk 3 kilometers in 20 minutes the first 2 weeks then try to walk the same distance in 15 minutes for the next 2 weeks etc. Small incremental steps that will help to affirm your progress while at the same time building the required confidence in you to keep on the intended path. When the initial goals are met or become easier, new higher goals are set that subject the body to a heavier exercise load but always the increase should be in small incremental phases to by pass the body’s inbuilt resistance in your quest for a healthy body.

3) Thirdly, every exercise regime must be simple enough that it can be performed or internalized as a habit. This is important in the sense that we all have our individual threshold points beyond which some things will be met with some resistance. So the initial start routine must be simple such that it can be performed regularly without triggering these resistance thresholds. As we get used to these, and as we internalize and make a habit out of these exercises we can gradually increase the intensity to the levels which are desired for that dream healthy body. If its morning exercises, or walking, gym aerobic routines etc the key should be to aim for internalization to a point where it becomes a habit.

4) Finally, it is always important to enlist moral support to not only witness but also join in your fitness activities. This could be in the form of a training partner, spouse, gym training group etc making this people aware of your training goals helps to build the critical mass of support that will enable you overcome your resistance points. And as you regularly meet these goals the congratulatory messages will help you towards your journey to that dream healthy and fit body

When one internalizes the above key points, staying healthy becomes a habitual daily thing like brushing your teeth, and once it reaches this level of internalization the chances of such a regimen yielding the required results are much higher and the gains will be there for a long time.