April 21, 2024


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Staying Fit – The Tony Horton Way

Tony Horton’s P90X workout combines a host of exercises for different parts of your body to provide you with an athletic fitness. The exercises do not aim blindly to build up muscles but focus on making you fitter, faster and more flexible.

The Tony Horton P90X exercises, also known as the ‘Power 90 Extreme’, are an intense home workout system, which guarantees weight loss and a toned fit body in 90 days flat. Yes, you heard that right. You can get fit in just 90 days. The Tony Horton P90X exercises were designed as a series of rigorous home based exercises for the Beach-body fitness company. P90X combines periodical exercises with a dietary and nutrition supplement. The market is filled with strenuous workout regimes and strict dietary plans which seldom provide you with the desired result even after weeks of toiling. P90X’s success lies in the fact that it does not insist on a single type of exercise routine. Instead, it focuses on muscle cross training by periodically exercising different sets of muscles of your body.

Based on the theory of muscle confusion, the Tony Horton P90X exercise routine switches the pattern of exercises from time to time, bringing in newer movements in phases. Bringing in the changes in the exercise routine does not allow your body to get adjusted to any particular exercise. Legs, abs, arms, shoulders, chest and back – it continually trains each part of the body. Before the muscles can get adjusted to a particular regime, the exercises change, making the muscles work in a different order altogether. Hence, it provides a wholesome development of your body and avoids the thick muscled body builder look.

The Tony Horton P90X intensive home workout routine spanning over 90 days is a combination of various exercise styles that include cardio, yoga, strength training, stretching and plyometrics. The exercises come in a set of twelve DVDs with Tony Horton as the lead instructor. The workouts, which span just under an hour, require dumb bells or simple resistance bands. The videos begin with a 10 min warm up. For beginners, it starts with a lower intensity workout, gradually increasing the power. Each video ends with 3-5 minutes of cooling down exercises.

What makes the tony horton p90x exercises stand out is Tony Horton’s style of presentation. A great motivator, Tony combines humor with rigorous exercises. The P90X program covers 13 weeks and requires six days of exercising per week. The program comes with three rotations: lean, classic and doubles. Each comes with a different set of exercises for fashioning the body in three different ways.

Tony Horton’s one-on-one series includes his latest workout routines, which are home delivered to subscribers every month. By subscribing to the series, you get a new set of exercises each month, straight from the master. For just $19.95 per month, you get a 20 to 40-minute high intensity P90X style workout.