May 19, 2024


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Static Contraction Equipment and Machines – Which Ones Are the Best For Static Contraction Training?

Ever since John little and Peter Sisco coined the term — Static Contractions, many fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders have adopted this training protocol in their training and workout programs. In this article I will explore Static Contraction Equipment and Machines and why you should use them to achieve greater strength and muscle size in less time than you ever thought possible.

Why the Need for Static Contraction Equipment

Static contraction training, also referred to as SCT has employed free weights mainly for the application of its training principles. Bob Hoffman, created the Isometrics Power Rack and utilized this type of machine to develop Olympic powerlifters when he was the USA Olympic powerlifting coach. Bruce Lee, was a big advocate of using static contraction equipment and employed both the Isometrics Power Rack and an isometric exerciser called the Tensolator. In this article, I will go into the benefits of static contraction exercises but, if you are familiar with isometric training then you are ready somewhat familiar with SCT. I will also discuss two of the most popular static contraction machines on the market today. Their prices vary widely and which one is appropriate for you is really based on your bodybuilding and fitness goals.

The XF Streamline

This static contraction machine, the XF Streamline was developed by Tony Reno. Prior to his invention most individuals used SCT in the standard power rack. Mr. Reno’s invention finally allowed those individuals without the ability to go to a health club or lacking the time to effectively utilize SCT in their homes to train with this amazing body building routine. The major drawback to this equipment is its price. It currently sells for approximately… $1500. In addition, this static contraction equipment suffers from the same drawbacks as utilizing free weights and if you are new to weight lifting then you might not know that the bench press and the leg press exercises are responsible for more injuries than any other exercises. So if you eliminate these two movements from the XF Streamline workout program you essentially do not have an effective chest workout or leg workout. This particular machine is better suited for someone who is an advanced bodybuilder and is looking for huge size. I say this mainly because of the price tag.

The Tensolator or Bully Xtreme Static Contraction Exercise Equipment

As I mentioned earlier, Bruce Lee used a device called the Tensolator. He used it for increasing his punching power and speed. The benefits of this isometric exerciser is its low-cost, typically under $100 as compared to the XF Streamline which is approximately $1500. Both pieces of exercise equipment allow you to perform many different exercises.

The Bully Xtreme advertises that you can perform more than 82 health club quality exercises. One of the other advantages with this particular product is that you can use it both with static contraction and isotonic training. (If you are unfamiliar with the term isotonic training, in an isotonic contraction, tension remains unchanged and the muscle’s length changes.

In a static contraction, the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction.) The Tensolator or Bully Xtreme as it’s now commonly referred to is better suited for the individuals who need a less expensive, portable home gym.