June 24, 2024


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Signs of Attraction – Body Language – Signs of Love and Attraction

As I was searching for love, I had great fun learning some basics of body language in relation to physical attraction. It was fun to be near someone I found attractive and see if he reciprocated what I felt. It was a helpful tool during the very first meetings and during the initial dates!

Attraction signs of the body:

– Especially if sitting, his/her foot is likely to be pointing towards you
– Or their legs will be crossed TOWARDS you
– They will turn towards you or at least have the trunk of their body face towards you (so they may turn towards you in a way that their trunk is at least facing you)
– They will come very close to you if they can (this will of course also depend on their culture, the circumstance etc)
– If you two are on ‘speaking terms’, during your exchanges he/she will touch you, even if in a seemingly casual way (but of course there are people who touch you no matter what, so you need to verify by checking other attractions signs)
– His/her head may be tilted
– They will touch their face during conversation
– Their lips may be slightly parted
– They will exhibit grooming behaviours such as adjusting their clothes, checking their face (or parts of), adjust their hair, etc)
– They may touch their face, often near the eyes whilst talking to you or looking at you.

Moreover: a man will sit in front of you and acquire a straighter, more ‘squared’ posture in order to ‘show off’ his shoulders and chest as well as displaying (subconsciously) his sexual areas; he may also sit or stand with his legs apart and his head held high and, at times, roll up their sleeves (all subconscious showing-off gestures)

a woman will stroke her hair or/and touch/stroke her neck in your presence, or whilst looking at your or whilst you two are talking; she may also thrust our her breasts in your presence.

Attraction signs of the eyes:

– They will look at your eyes, then will look at another part of your face, sometimes from eye to eye to mouth, other times along your hair; it’s a form of ‘caressing your face’ with their eyes – They may look at you and then look away, often looking back at your raising their eyes/eyebrows – They may just raise their eyebrows – Their pupils will be more dilated than they would normally in that particular environment/light, so if you can check others’ pupils in the same room/area for comparison. – Their eyes may be watery

Mirroring your movements or gestures is also a sign of attraction. Similarly, if you wish to make someone feel at ease, you could mirror his/her movements. In order to determine physical attractions, you don’t have to notice all of the above signs, because it obviously also depends on the circumstances (where you are at that time, for example). But if you notice many of the above signs, he/she is attracted to you! Congratulations!

However, remember that some ‘players’ may be using the body language to manipulate you. This is why, if you are searching for love and nothing less, you must learn to determine, as you two date, if he/she genuinely cares for you and your well being. Love and physical attractions are not the same thing!

So, you need to learn to discern the SIGNS THAT HE LOVES YOU as well as, if you are a man, the SIGNS THAT SHE LOVES YOU; That way your heart will not be broken.