July 20, 2024


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“Sanus Per Aqua”: Health Through Water

Graffiti written on the wall of Roman Baths… “Sanus Per Aqua” meaning health through water.

So many health issues find their root cause in poor energy levels. Our ‘batteries’ are charged from clean air, clean water and clean food, yet these days we breathe a toxic cocktail and are surrounded by an electromagnetic smog. Instead of adapting to the change, our bodies have compromised in terms of reduced energy levels.

Throughout history people have been drawn to naturally occurring highly energised mineral springs for their healing, rejuvenating and revitalising effects. Lourdes in France, Spa in Belgium, Baden Baden in Germany and Beppu Hatto in Japan are examples of these.

Recharge Your Biological Battery
Here’s a battery analogy that us men explain everything with! If human beings performed as a 12-volt battery, most of us today would be functioning at 6, 7 or 8 volts. We believe ourselves to be healthy because we simply don’t know any better. People suffering from big ‘label’ diseases (especially chronic fatigue) are probably functioning at quarter or half a volt. They spend a considerable amount of time and money seeking therapies or remedies to bring about relief of their symptoms – but relief is unlikely to come as they lack the basic energy required to metabolise the healing. Put another way, they don’t have the resources to take on board the healing.

A session in the Q ENERGYspa® (BEFE) will increase a person’s energy. I have seen this measured using different technologies including Kinesiology, the QXCI (Quantum Xrroid) and a PIP Scan unit at the Energy Centre in Exeter. The best description I heard of the Q2 in action was from a teacher of anatomy & physiology with a keen felt sense of what was going on internally:

Within minutes of the session starting he said to me: “There is nothing coming into my body from an external source – neither from the water nor the Q unit. However I feel a powerful healing energy travelling up the matrix of my body, the connective tissues. I sense that this energy will carry on for hours after the session is over.”

The Q ENERGYspa® (BEFE) operates by creating a bio-charge which forms the complex field interactions between the plates. A combination of the right geometry, materials and power flow with the water, allows the conversion of energy into bio-energy.

In the six years I have been using the Q ENERGYspa® (BEFE), I have seen many physical issues becoming addressed and resolved (including muscular and skeletal), as well as emotional issues being brought to the surface.

Natural Spring Waters
The natural springs which occur at Baden-Baden, Bath, Lourdes, Beppu Hetto, Spa and other parts of the world are set apart from other spring waters because they contain highly mineralised deposits, high natural magnetic forces, natural thermal activity and low Oxidisation Reduction Potential (ORP).

ORP is a term from electrochemistry which measures whether something contributes electrons or requires electrons. A positive measurement is ‘bad’ as it indicates oxidization and the existence of damaging free radicals. A negative measurement on the other hand is healthy as it evidences the existence of electrons which neutralize the free radicals.

Ordinary UK tap water has been measured at potentially harmful levels of +400 to +500 millivolts. Waters in the natural spas (above) are generally measured at about -200 millivolts, a far healthier reading. At this level the electrons are neutralizing the damaging free radicals. Water during a Q2 session has been measured between -400 to -500 millivolts which is a significant improvement over even these natural spas.