July 20, 2024


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Role Play Ideas – The Day Spa

Role Play is an excellent tool to use in your sexual repertoire. Role Play gives you the ability to become someone else, either to help you lose your inhibitions or just to have a different kind of fun in the bedroom. One role play idea that we like is the concept of a Day Spa, with you as the “Service Provider” and your lover as the “Client.”

You can create a mock spa environment for you and your lover and combine all the benefits of a day spa with all the heat and passion of truly amazing sex. Now that’s our kind of spa! And no, we are not talking about a shady massage parlor located down a dark stairwell, in a back alley, advertising free “special touches.” That’s a different role play idea altogether.

Set the mood with candles and soft music. Set up a massage table in the bedroom or living room for massage appointments (you can use a futon or get a real massage table). Give your lover a variety of choices for fabulous spa treatments, from traditional baths, buffs and manicures to intimate oil rubs or more erotic deep tissue massages. And of course, by “deep” we mean “internal”, if you get our drift. You can even offer “extra features” that can be added to enhance your treatments. The best part is, it all takes place in the comfort of your own home (or at least, in whatever private venue you choose). If you want to take it to another level, you can provide coupons for free treatments. Otherwise, we will leave the payment details up to you.

We just hope that at some point, your lover lets you switch roles.