July 20, 2024


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Osim uComfort Massage Chair

Many of us have gone to the mall and seen the massage chairs in some of the stores. I saw people in these chairs and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. My curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to try one of the chairs. So I sat down in one of the chairs and it was the Osim uComfort massage chair.

First I had to find the remote for massage chair and then figure out how to start the chair. The remote control has an LCD that displays an icon. The remote fits nicely in the palm of your hand but is more about the size of the TV remote.

On the remote there are automatic programs and also manual programs. The first thing I went for was an automatic program. This immediately set the massaging and recliner in action.

Right away I noticed a lot of things going on with the chair. Many things initialize in parallel with a massage chair. I felt things starting on my back, others on my buttocks and yet others on my calves.

My back was covered with some sort of roller. This roller first started going all the way down my back and then back up. It did this all before starting to massage my back.

Before I started to get any massage on my back, I was feeling the air massage in my buttocks and calves. I have to admit I was surprised that I was touched in some of these places. However, I sat back and let it do its thing.

Next, the rollers in the back started to make some massage movements. The program started working my shoulders down to my lower back. Different massage movements like rapid tapping and soft kneading interchanged up and down my back.

Although I liked the direction everything was going I wasn’t quite comfortable yet. I realized that the chair was fully upright and I was sitting in it like a normal chair. I then went for the remote control again.

I found a button for the chair recline. I hit the button and the powered recline of the chair back began its descent. This was starting to get fun now.

As I was descending backward with the power recline in the chair back, I noticed my legs were still standing still. I again went for the remote control. I found the leg rest up button and pushed it firmly.

As the leg rest shot upward, I reached the right point with the chair back. I stopped the chair back and continued raising the leg rest, all the while getting a full body massage. Now I was getting to a more comfortable position.

My legs were being compressed in the leg rest and that felt very soothing. My back was being massaged too, but it felt superficial to relieve my tension. I went for the remote control again and switched to another one of the three full body programs.

The pattern of the massage movements changed in this next program but that it still did not satisfy my muscle stiffness. I thought that the massage would be much firmer than it was. I was waiting for the uComfort to live up to its name.

I then realized that maybe the uComfort is not sufficiently strong enough for me. Upon this realization, I reached for the remote. I hit the off button and was immediately sent back upright. As the Osim uComfort massage chair returned to its reset position, I scoped out the next Osim massage chair to try on my left.