July 13, 2024


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Life Fitness 95xi Elliptical FitStride CrossTrainer

Life Fitness 95xi Elliptical FitStride CrossTrainer

Methods of working out have aggressively changed through these recent times when fast pace is the need for every American.  It all breaks down to one simple thing, calories in vs. calories out, and of course keeping a healthy, well balanced diet.  A fantastic and effective way to get those darn calories out is definitely the Life Fitness 95 Xi Elliptical Trainer. Just like the Precor EFX 546 HR and EFX 556HR elliptical trainers, the 95Xi is a staple in every major health club facility in America. The 95Xi trainer provides an incredibly easy indoor cardiovascular exercise which burns calories in no time. With its moving arms, the 95 Xi is also a great way to tone the upper body muscles and its very smooth elliptical motion makes working out on the 95Xi like walking on air.  You can also workout on this machine in reverse mode. Working out in reverse mode allows different muscle groups, such as calves and glutes, to be exercised, thereby increasing the user’s workout benefits. The 95Xi has large, comfortable pedals to stand on that fit most shoe sizes. A top of the line, extremely durable, Life Fitness commercial product and it can also be used in the comfort of your home.

The Life Fitness 95Xi Fitstride Elliptical comes with 30 pre-programmed workouts that include Goal Workouts, Interval Workouts, 6 Customizable Workouts, Zone Training Heart Rate Workouts, and much more workout courses to choose from. The 95 Xi Elliptical has a built in digital heart rate monitoring system. When you put your hands on the sensors (located on the ergonomically moving arms), it will read out your heart rate on the display. Monitoring your heart rate can help you optimize your workout session. The easy-to-use display console also shows the user a workout profile, including how many calories are burned, resistance being used, elapsed time, speed and distance incurred.

The Life Fitness 95Xi Elliptical weighs at 286 pounds and measures 84.75 inches long by 26.5 inches wide by 64 inches high. It is a very sturdy machine and extremely low maintenance. Life Fitness ellipticals rarely have major breakdowns according to Life Fitness service records. If you want a commercial quality product that will last you a long time, then go for the 95Xi Elliptical Trainer. It is worth every penny. These machines go for over $2500 remanufactured or well over $5000 for a brand new one. But why pay more for a brand new machine when you can purchase a Remanufactured or Refurbished 95Xi for a fraction of the cost, in like new condition. A reputable remanufacturing company usually offers a reasonable guaranteed warranty with their product. The longer the warranty, the better it is for the conscientious consumer.