April 21, 2024


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Hot Tub Maintenance – Keep Your Water Sparkling Clean

Hot tub maintenance is required to keep the water sparkling and clean. This will enhance your enjoyment of your spa. Although maintenance may take some time, it is well worth the effort to have a clean and healthy spa in which you can soak in after a long day at work.

There are many reasons why water in the hot tub can be cloudy, too foamy, discolored or cause skin irritations. Most of these can be cleared up very quickly with testing and adding the proper chemical component to the hot tub water. A few tips will enhance your enjoyment of the hot tub…

Cloudy Water

– Try cleaning the filter to remove any dirt and particles.

– It also may have a high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level. If this is the case, it is recommended that the hot tub be completely drained and refilled.

– Test for the pH level in the tub. If it is not at the correct level, use the pH solution to bring it to the correct level.

– If it has a high calcium level, drain the tub halfway then refill.- If there are dissolved solids in the water, add a bit of clarifier to do the trick.

– If you have a high bacteria level you should add some sanitizer to the water.

Discolored Water

– If the water starts to get a brown, green, yellow, discolored or dingy look to it you may have several problems.

– You may have a high mineral count to which you will need to add a stain and scale preventative.

– Test the alkaline level and add pH or Alkalinity Up to the hot tub water to clarify it. Yellow water typically means there is a low pH and pH or Alkalinity Up should be added.- Check the sanitizer level and add some more if it is low. Green water may indicate algae growth that can be deterred by adding sanitizer.

White Scaly Deposits

– White scaly deposits indicate low sanitizer level in the water. This can be improved simply by adding some.

Excessively Foamy Water

– Water is very soft.

– Water is contaminated.

– Water has a high TDS level.

– Add a stain and scale preventative, pH or Alkalinity Up and sanitizers to the water.

Ring Around the Hot Tub

– Filtration problems. Check the filters and clean them thoroughly. This is the most common reason.

– Too many oils present in the water. Add a chemical cleanser such as Natural and Clear or Scum Bug to clear up the ring quickly.

Skin Irritations after Soaking

– Reduction in the sanitizer level. Test for this and add sanitizer if necessary. If your skin is sensitive to this, always wait twenty minutes before entering the hot tub.

– Staying in the hot tub too long or soaking for too long at temperatures that are too high. Check with manuals, dealer or doctor for duration of use and temperature.

And you thought you’d be working all night on the hot tub 🙂

Do wear proper protective gear when handling spa chemicals and cleaning filters. And, do wait the recommended time after the addition of chemical or cleansers. But most importantly, do rest from your labors and enjoy the benefits of your now pristine, sparklingly clear hot tub.