May 19, 2024


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Holiday Villas for Rent in Cyprus Come Experience the Real Magic

Cyprus is a wonder country that has mystical ancient traditions blended with European culture. The Island is dotted with beautiful beaches and breath-taking mountainous peaks. The citrus fruit trees are in abundance, so are the vineyards full of luscious grapes. In addition to all this, there are ancient ruins of bygone civilization and historical stone villages. Cyprus Island abounds in numerous villas of various types and structures.

Let us browse through some of the holiday villas for rent in Cyprus Island.

Pissouri Villas:

Located at the south side of the Island, Pissouri is basically split into dual communities. The Pissouri bay area is just a short distance from the Pissouri village. It is mainly a residential area of farmers and wine-makers. You can find a few noted holiday villas for rent in Cyprus in the region of Pissouri.

These villas are in close proximity to Pissouri beach area. There are quite a few shops, supermarkets, a posh 5 star hotel, health spas and a local bank near these Pissouri villas. These villas nestled amongst the vineyards, are generally sea facing so that the visitors enjoy a good view of the sea. They are close to many water sporting activities and sand-bathing areas. Most of these villas have gardens, private pools and a dramatic hilly background.

Aiya Napa Villas:

The villas in Aiya Napa town are mostly situated in residential areas; the famous Aiya Napa water park is just few minutes’ drive in a car. The Nissi beach is close at hand with many water-sporting events. The Aiya Thekla beach that is popular for its different varieties of turtles and colorful fishes is also couple of minutes from the township.

If you are in search of holiday villas for rent in Cyprus, then this township offers excellent modern villas for rentals with air conditioning, modernized kitchens, lounge areas, fireplaces, folding beds for little children, swimming pool and luxuries bedrooms. In addition to the terrific view of the roaring sea and green hillside, these villas are a few minutes’ drive from the main town.

Agios Tychonas Village Villas:

Set in serene and peaceful location of Greek Village of Agios, these villas are situated in a residential backdrop of Limassol district. Although based in a village environment, the villas boast of ultra modern amenities and closeness to popular beach resort. The Limassol district boasts of wonderful landscapes, lovely sandy beaches and rich cultural villages with vineyards and olive orchards. The temperature is more or less pleasant all through the year. If you visit the island, do try the holiday villas for rent in Cyprus villages for a heavenly change from the hustle bustle of a city life.

The villas are in close vicinity to pristine beaches, popular hotels, spas, bars, nightclubs, golf courses and numerous historical places like castles and museums. In addition to visiting new places, tourists can mingle with the local villagers and attempt to learn their language and customs.

In sum, your stay in Cyprus is incomplete without renting a villa in any corner of the exotic Island. The tourist guests are warmly welcomed to this beautiful Island with its vibrant culture and scenic natural beauty. For example, Agios Tychonas is amongst the oldest villages of Southern Cyprus regions. Therefore, renting a villa in such a rich ancient traditional backdrop will be an experience in itself.