July 20, 2024


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Gross Halloween Party Game: Feeling Witch Or Wizard Body Parts

Here’s a relatively simple yet fun Halloween party game that uses the power of suggestion to make it gross. Kids absolutely love this, because their vivid imaginations make it easy to believe it’s real. Basically, you have to touch witch or wizard body parts. Here’s how.

Use some kind of a story, like how you were walking around in the dark last night, and you looked up and saw a witch or wizard, flying on a broomstick. The next thing you knew, she was flying erratically, making zigzag patterns in the sky.

Suddenly, you saw her plummet down to the ground and crash. You ran over to her and discovered she was already dead. So you chopped her into little pieces and put the body parts in boxes (or bags.)

“Now you get to stick your hand in the boxes and feel her body parts. You’ll have to tell me what you feel. Maybe you’ll be lucky, and only touch her hair. Maybe you’ll feel her heart. Or maybe you’ll get a squishy, wet eyeball!”

To set up the game, you’ll need several bags, boxes, or containers that you cannot see through. Inside each box or bag, put a different “body part.” Make some of them dry, some of them wet, some hard, some soft, and definitely have something smooshy and disgusting.

Cut holes in the sides large enough to stick a hand through, but not large enough to see into. If you’re using bags, gather the opening together and tie a piece of yarn or string so that it can only be opened partway, enough to stick a hand inside.

Here are ideas for what to use for different body parts:

Eyeballs–grapes, canned lychee fruits, olives, cocktail onions

Brains–boiled head of cabbage or cauliflower, or a gelatin mold

Guts–canned tomatoes, cooked spiral pasta, the “guts” from a pumpkin jack-o-lantern

Fingers–small sausages, baby carrots

Hair–steel wool, corn silk, yarn

Skin–fruit leather, tortillas, limp cabbage leaves

Heart–pudding or applesauce in a plastic bag, whole stewed tomato

Blood–chocolate syrup, corn syrup, maple syrup

Fingernails–seeds from pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds, or pumpkin seeds

Noses–avocado, mushrooms

Mystery part–tofu

This gross Halloween party game will be a hit with your little goblins this holiday. Part of the fun is just getting messy. Kids love to get their hands dirty, and when they can do so without being scolded, they take full advantage. Also, thinking something wet and mushy might be blood and guts makes them think it might really be true, even though a part of them knows it’s just pretending, and not really feeling wizard brains.