July 20, 2024


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GIA Wellness Review – Is GIA Wellness the Real Deal?

GIA Wellness is the next MLM Home Based Business to join the Network Marketing market. With Alfred Hanser, CEO, Lynda Cormier, President, and Gary Merritt, VP of Operations, leading the business they have a strong team to get them started. With them having a small background in some other entrepreneurial projects they have had, their mindsets are in the right field for coming together to start a company.

GIA Wellness has a large variety of different products. Of course every company to jump on the bandwagon with MLM has to have a health & wellness product and they have chosen to call their multi-vitamin pill “edge”. Their claim is that “edge” will help the body recover from any physical stress and exercise very similar to the substance creatine. They also market EMF shields for your cell phones and headsets to protect your from radiation waves that are emitted from technology, very interesting, we will see how that goes. They also have many other products that don’t roll off the tongue easily.

The home based business aspect didn’t seem to be marketed very well on the website or from any thing that I could find on GIA Wellness in general. I think for now we are going to have to watch and see them begin to build their brand and see if they can hit the 5 year mark, that only 3% of Network Marketing businesses can hit. A little hint for GIA Wellness, develop a system for their distributors/reps that they can follow. Have a leader that has already been successful in the field. People follow successful leaders. If they can get someone that has some background in the industry to jump on as a rep they will be on the road to success, if not they might just struggle on making it to the status that business like MonaVie or Amway have been able to make.

Interesting thing I have found about the new businesses starting up is they are not implementing a strong team and system for their reps to follow. If they could market that they had that, they would have people getting signed up left and right, but this is what they are lacking. Just because a company has great eye appeal on their website doesn’t mean they have the adequate training it needs to train the ones that make the business who it is. Maybe GIA Wellness has this on the back burner and is about to bring it forward, lets hope so!