May 19, 2024


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Father’s Day Foot Massage

A great way to treat a hardworking papa is to have him take a rest and give him a wonderfully relaxing foot massage. This is easy to do, very inexpensive and he will appreciate it tremendously.

Where you give the massage depends on the man. If he loves his TV, have the massage in the family room. Does he have a favorite chair? Then give the foot massage with him sitting in that.

Items needed for your Foot Massage Spa:

  • Small tub to soak feet in
  • Epson salts
  • Towels
  • Kitchen trash bags
  • Pumice stone
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file
  • Deep moisturizing foot/body crème

Preparing the Foot Massage Spa:

First, prepare the foot massage area:

  • Place the kitchen trash bags down on the area you will be putting the small tub on. The plastic will prevent any spills from getting on the floor.
  • Over the trash bags, place towels to help absorb any excess moisture.

Second, prepare the foot bath itself:

  • Read the Epson salt package to see how much to put in for the size of your tub.
  • Place warm water in the tub (test the temperature by using your elbow – this is less sensitive than your hand and will give you a more accurate idea on the temperature of the water).

Giving the Foot Massage:

  • Place lotion on foot
  • Start massaging by generously applying lotion to the top and bottom of the foot with light gliding strokes.
  • Then, working from the back of the ankle to the top of the toes, massage in small circles the top of the foot.
  • Now work on the bottom of the foot, using the foot massage techniques talked about below.
  • Finish the foot massage with a gentle stretching of the toes, first pressing them up and then down.

Tips for giving the massage:

  • Sit in a chair sideways or at an angle that is comfortable for you.
  • Place his calve on your knee – this will provide leg support for him while you are massaging. Or find an item that is soft and comfortable to prop the calf up and without obstructing the foot at all.
  • The general rule of thumb (forgive the pun!) on pressure is to go from soft to firm. It is better to warm up the muscles before applying intense pressure.
  • The same also applies for specific pressure; use a broad stroke before using a focused compression (i.e. a knuckle bearing down on a knot).
  • Don’t hurt your thumbs, use your knuckles instead.

Enjoy this time of honoring your father with some personal pampering. He deserves it!