July 20, 2024


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Fabrics That Make the Best Massage Table Covers

Choosing Massage Table Covers should be done carefully. Anytime you have to pick out fabrics that will come into contact with clients it’s important to think about any possible side effects that could result from client allergies. You also need to pick Massage Table Covers that are comfortable for clients, will feel luxurious against the skin, and that will wear well despite repeated washings and cleanings. Some of the fabrics that massage therapists, spa owners, and massage clients recommend the most for covers are:


Cotton is the most frequently used fabric for covers. Straight cotton covers are soft, comfortable, and will stand up to repeated washings very well. Cotton covers can be purchased in many colors, although some clients can be sensitive to chemical dyes so consider using simple white or using covers that use natural plant dyes if you want to have colored covers. No matter what type of fabric you use for table covers make sure you always use a chemical and scent free detergent to wash them. If you are environmentally conscious you can use organically grown cotton fabric.


Luxury massage therapists often like to use silk massage table covers. Silk can be harvested in an animal and environmentally friendly way so if those values are important to you look for covers made from silk that is harvested responsibly. Silk is very soft, but some people dislike the sensuous feel of silk and may find that the slipperiness of the silk is a distraction. If you want to use silk covers you might want to keep alternative covers on hand for clients who may not like the silk ones. Many clients say that using silk covers adds to the luxuriousness of the massage. If you use oils or gels frequently in your massage be warned that silk can stain and spot very easily.


Cashmere wool is super soft and warm, and is also a high end luxury fabric like silk. This all natural fabric retains warmth so if you are using a warming pad with a cashmere cover the table will stay warmer for a longer time thanks to the conductivity of the wool. Cashmere is relatively easy to clean and because cashmere is so soft and warm Massage Table Covers made from cashmere are great for massage therapists who practice in environments that have cold winters.