July 20, 2024


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Body Lotions Or Creams For Your Skin Care

Skin care products in the form of creams and body lotions are very popular. Both body lotion and creams have their dedicated followers who will vouch for their respective product’s efficacy. The debate between what is better between body lotion and creams has no answer. There are some factors however that seem to guide a buyer while he/she is purchasing a skin care product:

o According to the user applying a cream may be easier when compared to a lotion.

o Creams are also known to be much more effective in retaining the moisture content of the skin.

o It is easier to apply cream on any particular area without wastage.

o Body lotions are preferred over creams when they are used as toners.

o A lotion is also preferable when the product needs to be used to wash the skin.

These above mentioned factors together with the personal choices of the users as well as the manufacturer’s ways have led to a widely used pattern of applying the skin care products. The following procedures are generally followed while using the skin care products.

o Body creams are most widely used as moisturizers as these are easy to apply and retain the moisture in the skin. They are not used as toners or cleaners.

o Most people are of the opinion that skin care creams are only for people with dry skin. However there are many creams such as Vitamin A creams for oily skin as well that are used to reduce the production of sebum.

o Creams are also the preferred mode of skin care products when the product does not need to be removed after application.

o Body creams are applied when a skin care product is required to treat skin disorders in a particular area.

o For anti ageing and eye products, creams are given preference over the lotion counterparts.

o As far as toners are concerned these generally come in the form of a lotion. There are a few toners that are cream based but most of them are in liquid form.

o When it comes to cleansers, both lotions and creams are used though it seems users prefer using a lotion based product more.

Both body lotion and creams are equally effective in yielding results. It is your own convenience that will decide which product you should opt for. It is also better to know what suits you best, a cream or a lotion. For this you will need to experiment till you find out what is it that is best suitable for you.