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Bioplasma Bodies – The Ovoid or the Body’s Magnetosphere

The Earth’s Magnetosphere

Our planet sits at the heart of a magnetic plasma bubble, which occupies a volume at least a thousand times greater than the planet itself. Earth’s magnetosphere is an extension into space of the familiar magnetic field that causes compass needles to point North. Earth’s magnetic field is generated by currents in its iron-rich core. The Sun blasts out charged particles in the form of plasma. These particles are deflected or are slowed down and spiral around the magnetic field lines of our planet when they reach Earth’s magnetosphere.

The magnetosphere protects us from harmful radiation from the Sun and other sources in space and also from potentially deadly solar flares and ejections. Without it, Earth might be as barren as Mars or the Moon, both of which do not have magnetospheres. However, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have extensive magnetospheres. Each magnetosphere has a tear-drop shape, like the Earth’s, caused by the solar wind impacting on them. If you could see the magnetosphere from space, Earth would look like a comet with a long tail. Each of these giant planets has a magnetosphere that is much larger than the Earth’s. Jupiter has the largest magnetosphere in the Solar System – larger than even the visible Sun. If the Jovian magnetosphere was visible from Earth, it would be bigger than the Moon in the night sky.

The Bioplasma Body’s Magnetosphere

It is well-known in general metaphysics that the (relatively) dense bioplasma body sits inside an ovoid which is enclosed by a sheath. This ovoid is equivalent to the magnetosphere and the atmosphere around the Earth. It protects the dense bioplasma body from unwanted radiation, just as the Earth’s magnetosphere protects the physical-dense Earth from harmful solar radiation. The ovoid contains low density magnetic plasma and the field lines of the primary dipolar magnetic field generated by the central vertical currents within the bioplasma body (see the author’s article on Bioplasma Bodies – Formation of the Central Pranic and Kundalini Currents) are trapped within the ovoid and move with it. Earth’s magnetosphere (which encompasses Earth’s dipolar magnetic field), similarly, co-rotates with the Earth.

According to plasma metaphysics, there are (supersymmetric) counterpart parallel Earths which are called magmaspheres (or magnetic plasma spheres) because they are believed to be composed of collisionless magnetic plasma – much like Earth’s magnetosphere. The “micro-magnetosphere” or the ovoid around a bioplasma body keeps it protected from radiation and other electromagnetic intrusions that are present within the magmasphere or the “macro-magnetosphere”.

Nature has provided a protective plasma bubble for the bioplasma body – which has evolved together with our physical-biomolecular body. According to a New Scientist journal report “Plasma bubble could protect astronauts on Mars trip” in July 2006, researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle, US, are in fact only now “seriously considering using a bubble of plasma to shield astronauts from radiation during long journeys through space”.

Acupuncture Meridians External to the Body

The field lines of the primary dipolar magnetic field generated by the central vertical channels extend beyond the head of the bioplasma body; curves outwards and joins the bioplasma body at the bottom. Hence, a significant portion of the field lines is actually outside the bioplasma body. However, they are generally confined within the ovoid – since the field lines move with the plasma. In other words, Chinese acupuncture meridians actually extend outside the body. Currently, only those blockages within the bioplasma body (which is coincident with the physical-biomolecular body) are addressed during acupuncture. Acupuncture medicine should perhaps also consider blockages in energy flows arising from outside the immediate proximity of the dense bodies (but still within the ovoid).

Sheath, Shell, Membrane around Ovoid

There is a plasma sheath (known as an “auric sheath” or “auric shell” in general metaphysics) enclosing the ovoid.

“The outer edge [of the egg form] actually looks like an eggshell to me; it appears to have a thickness of about a quarter to a half inch. It is strong and resilient, resistant to penetration and protects the field.” – Barbara Brennan

According to plasma physics, magnetic plasma has a natural tendency to form (double-layered) electrified sheaths, separating plasma of different physical properties. Many metaphysicists report that the ovoid is wrapped by a membrane or a sheath. Surface currents on the shell or sheath separate the magma ovoid from the surrounding magma environment. The sheath acts as a protective electromagnetic shield whose strength and polarity can be adjusted by an act of will by the owner of the body, using focused visualizations and other techniques common in meditation. This offers protection against electromagnetic and other intrusions. (There is nothing unusual in this, for example, with respect to our physical-biomolecuar bodies, we can breathe faster or exert more muscle power by sending thoughts, which are essentially electrochemical messages, to our brains.)

Stuck Inside the Earth’s Magmaspheres and Magnetospheres

The magmasphere, external to the ovoid in which bioplasma bodies reside, is in fact a magnetosphere. These magmaspheres of Earth (composed of dark plasma) form concentric spheres around the physical-dense Earth; and are thought to harbor the common heavens and hells. The physical and dark matter counterparts share the same gravitational field.

According to Leadbeater, the astral magmasphere surrounding and interpenetrating the physical Earth extends to a little less than the average distance of the Moon to the Earth. This means that it will extend beyond the lunar orbit when the moon is at perigee (i.e. nearest to the Earth). According to scientists, the Earth’s magnetosphere has a long tail which extends far beyond the lunar orbit.

Experimental metaphysicist Robert Monroe says that the relationship between the etheric double and electromagnetic fields is quite significant. In one experiment he was in a charged Faraday cage. He got out of the physical-biomolecular body without much difficulty but when he attempted to move through the cage in his physical-etheric double he seemed to be entangled in a large bag made of flexible wire which effectively acted as an invisible electromagnetic barrier. When he tried to push through the bag he could not go through it. He says he struggled like a trapped animal in a snare and finally went back to the physical-biomolecular body. According to Monroe, it was evidently not the wire itself, but the electrical field pattern set up in fundamentally the same shape as the cage, that restricted him. He suggested that maybe this could be the basis for an electromagnetic “ghost catcher”!

This would, in fact, be possible for a vast number of ghosts. As pointed out by plasma metaphysics, most ghosts that human beings encounter on the surface of the Earth are physical-etheric ghosts. These types of ghosts can become trapped within or near electrical installations.

In the physical-etheric body, being inside Earth’s magnetosphere would be very much like being within a charged Faraday cage. The magnetopause which forms the boundary of the magnetosphere behaves like the sides of the cage. Anyone from the surface of the Earth who wanted to travel beyond the Earth’s magnetosphere in his physical-etheric double would then find it extremely difficult to go beyond. This may account for Leadbeater’s estimate of the extent of the “astral” magmasphere to be the average distance between the Moon and the Earth. The astral magmasphere is sometimes mistaken for the physical-etheric magmasphere. Based on the similarity between the ranges (i.e. scientists’ estimate of the extent of the magnetosphere versus Leadbeater’s estimate of the extent of the “astral” magmasphere), it appears that the Earth’s physical magnetosphere and the metaphysicists’ physical-etheric world is co-terminus.

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